State Legislation

Stop HB-111 there's still time!

Dear Friend, I personally witnessed as “Educators” from around Wyoming testified against legislation allowing lawful permit holders to carry in schools. They used every single scare tactic they could think of… One superintendent said, that the local police chief told him there were “2500 permit holders in his district”, and “he couldn’t imagine all of them being in his schools at the same time”. A reoccurring theme…Another, this time it

Action needed -- HB-111 going to house floor

Please contact your house representative and tell them to kill HB-111. This deceivingly named “school safety and security bill” will create 48 different gun regulatory zones in Wyoming — creating a patchwork of different rules and regulations as you drive from one school district to another. The Gun-Grabbers plan is simple… Once your right to self defense is under the complete control of 48 different school districts — it will

Stop HB-111 -- the counterfeit school safety bill

Your immediate attention is needed. ***UPDATE HB-111 passed out of committee. With even more restrictions brought by Republican David Northrup (park county) an amendment to require 40 hours of police approved training! ***Please contact your legislators and urge them to vote NO on HB-111. ***Find you state legislator here The ‘counterfeit’ school safety bill HB-111 needs to be stopped. Contact the education committee this morning Friday the 14th and encourage them to

HB-119 defeated by a block of Republicans

Today I watched as HB-119 was defeated on the house floor. This legislation would have allowed citizens to carry in public schools and college campuses in Wyoming. 13 Republicans voted along with every Democrat in the house to kill legislation that would have ended gun free killing zones in Wyoming. These are the NO votes on pro-gun legislation: REPUBLICANS Rosie Berger          (Sheridan) David Blevins    

Action needed, HB-119 repeal gun free zones

As you know WyGO has been committed to repealing victim disarmament zones in Wyoming. And now I need you to contact your legislators immediately and tell them to support the passage of HB-119 – Repeal Gun Free Zones in Schools. HB-119 is being introduced by Wyoming’s pro-gun champion Representative Allen Jaggi. You can view HB-119 here. This legislation will allow law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families on

Dear Friend,   HB-104 has been placed in committee. But so far, that’s about it — if it doesn’t move forward it may die a quiet death.The “Firearm Protection Act HB-104” is a bill that would make any anti-gun law or executive order which attempts to ban a semi-automatic firearm or limit the capacity of a magazine unenforceable in the state of Wyoming.Just as important it would penalize anyone trying

2013 WyGO backed legislation

Dear Gun Rights Supporter, With all the chatter from the rabid gun control politicians about a new weapons ban, a high capacity magazine ban and a national registration scheme… Now add gun-hating bureaucrats right here in Wyoming…the constant threats to your right to self defense seem never ending. I certainly believe 2013 will be one of the most challenging years that you and I will have since we’ve been fighting

Earlier this year with your help we defeated state legislation that would have expanded gun free zones, or better called — victim disarmament zones — in all County buildings around the state. But, as we know all too well, the gun-grabbers never sleep! Like a broken record, the anti-gun crowd and their pals in the media blame law-abiding gun owners like you and me and try to use tragedies as

The U.N. push to ban firearms may be on our doorstep. And this is only the tip of the spear — the U.N. objective is full control over your freedom! The recent questioning of Leon Panetta reveals that the elected representatives in congress have freely given U.S. sovereignty to outside “entities” and now these same elected officials appear to be no more than marionette puppets in control of “international masters”.

While you and I were busy fighting an expansion of gun-free zones here in Wyoming, the folks in Washington D.C. were moving to enact new gun control on a unsuspecting public. Sadly Representative Cynthia Lummis voted YES on a measure that criminalizes someone that is lawfully carrying a firearm for self defense. Under this federal legislation, H.R. 347 – Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act, anyone addressing the government with