Everyone Knows This is a Fraud…

Yesterday afternoon Governor Gordon signed the FAKE SAPA bill that the legislature passed during the 2022 legislative session.

As we’ve told you all along, this legislation (S.F. 102) is a total sham, designed to fool gun owners into thinking that they have protection from Joe Biden’s tyranny — while providing political cover to desperate politicians during the primaries.

After WYGO members crushed so many anti-gun Republicans during the 2020 Primary (and again in the General) Elections, the remaining RINOs in Cheyenne knew they needed to pass some version of SAPA before they faced the voters again.

They could have passed real SAPA. But after they voted that down, Senator Larry Hicks filed his own bill (aided in this scam by Gun Owners of America) that completely destroyed the idea of SAPA legislation.

In fact, the language that was signed into law is SO DECEITFUL that other organizations like the Tenth Amendment Center are taking notice and have provided analysis that we think you should see.

Read their articles below, in order:

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The bottom line is that if you take away the citizen enforcement mechanism of the Second Amendment Preservation Act and the $50,000 civil penalties that come with it, this new law isn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

The same thing is true if you make a specific carve out that allows Wyoming cops to confiscate our guns as long as they are not being paid by Wyoming tax dollars. By allowing Joe Biden to stick Wyoming cops on an ATF task force, this new law is a joke.

And you don’t have to take my word for it, either.

Recently, our national affiliate, the American Firearms Association produced this video interview with Missouri State Senator Eric Burlison and State Representative Jered Taylor (the bill sponsors of Missouri’s SAPA law) and asked them about the impact that these watered-down versions of SAPA would have.

When you have time, you must check out this video!

As you just heard, it would have been VERY EASY for Wyoming Gun Owners to endorse this FAKE SAPA bill. We could have claimed a major policy win, had selfies with RINO legislators and spouted off on Facebook, and patted each other on the back.

But it would have been a lie. And it wouldn’t have provided any protections to gun owners who are worried about federal tyranny.

The politicians in Cheyenne are hoping that gun owners across the state fall for this scam. And they hope that WYGO won’t have the resources or the will to hold them accountable during the upcoming primaries.

With your continued support, I can assure you that the politicians who stabbed gun owners in the back and passed this fake bill will be held accountable later on this year.

Stand with us! Make a generous donation today so that WYGO has the resources we need to continue fighting for you!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Yesterday afternoon Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed S.F. 102 into law. This is the FAKE SAPA bill that won’t protect gun owners — but will protect RINOs in their upcoming primary elections.

This bill is so bad that other organizations like the Tenth Amendment Center have published a series of scathing reviews of S.F. 102 that you must read! Check out the links above!