MUST WATCH Recap on 2022 Session!

The 2022 legislative session is over, and it was explosive!

Gun owners are flooding WYGO with calls, emails, and Facebook notes asking about S.F. 102. If Governor Gordon signs this legislation into law, will it provide any protections for gun owners whose firearms are confiscated by the federal government?

Others are asking us which lawmakers fought for gun owners, which politicians stabbed us in the back, and why Gun Owners of America sided up with the biggest RINOs in Cheyenne.

To get the latest on what happened this session and to see what’s next in the fight for gun rights, please watch the video update that we’ve prepared for you.

While the RINOs in Cheyenne tanked the Second Amendment Preservation Act this session and passed a fake version instead,  please understand that they are doing this because they are terrified of gun owners!

WYGO members crushed anti-gun moderates at election time during the Primary Election in 2020. And you did it again during the General Election. Then, after the State of Wyoming tried to shut WYGO down, we took them to Federal Court.

The bottom line is that WYGO members are the most potent political fighting force in the state and everyone in Cheyenne knows it! And we’ll damn sure not let RINOs get away with this sham version of SAPA they passed this session!     

Already, pro-gun candidates are reaching out to WYGO about the upcoming primaries. And once WYGO concludes our lawsuit against the state, we’ll be free to do what we do best, expose RINO Republicans at election time.

Please continue to stand with us in this fight for freedom!


In most states the enemies to our Second Amendment rights are Democrats. But this is Wyoming, which means that our enemies are the RINOs in Cheyenne who are trying to convince us that they are pro-gun.

As long as WYGO is here, they won’t get away with it!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. With the 2022 legislative session in the rearview mirror, gun owners are full of questions about the outcome of the fight over the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

WYGO has produced this video report, and I hope that you’ll take a moment to watch it right away by clicking the link above.

The RINOs in Cheyenne are doing all of this because they are terrified of gun owners, and they are desperately trying to pass legislation that they can use during the upcoming primary elections. Please continue to stand with us!