10th Amendment Center Calls Out Fake SAPA Legislation in Cheyenne!

After WYGO’s video takedown of Senator Larry Hicks’ disgusting attempt to hijack the Second Amendment Preservation Act with a pathetic bill that does nothing, the word is getting out!

For those who missed our video, WYGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (S.F. 87 and H.B. 133) is the only bill that provides protections for gun owners because if a law enforcement agency violates it, you can take them into civil court.

The bill being pushed by Larry Hicks and Mark Jennings destroys that and leaves the enforcement of SAPA up to the government, which effectively kills the bill.

More, their SAPA bill ONLY applies to guns manufactured in Wyoming! And it does not prevent the state from seizing firearms as part of a joint task force with the federal government!

This legislation is so bad that the 10th Amendment Center weighed in on this bill this morning with a damning critique. When you read it, it’s clear that this bill is designed to protect political careers, not gun owners. Read below:

“Bills filed in the Wyoming legislature would widely ban state enforcement of federal gun control;  past, present and future. Passage into law would represent a major step toward ending federal acts that infringe on the right to keep and bear arms within the state.

A second measure introduced in the Senate purporting to protect the Second Amendment has a giant loophole and would have virtually no impact on federal gun control, other than to keep full enforcement in place in most situations.”

Folks, this is really, really bad. And it’s being done on purpose.

<<< To read their full critique on this bill, go here>>>

<<< To read WYGO’s critique on this bill, go here. >>>

It’s clear to everyone that Senator Larry Hicks and Representative Mark Jennings are pushing this garbage legislation to provide political cover to RINOs at election time after the savage beating WYGO members gave them in 2020.


As we’ve said, this is a shortened session and so there is not a lot of time to spare. Please send your emails right away.

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For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Swamp monster RINOs in Cheyenne are pushing a compromised SAPA bill that won’t save a single gun owner but may help desperate politicians during the 2022 elections!

Now the 10th Amendment Center is out with a devastating critique of Senator Larry Hicks and Representative Mark Jennings’ watered down bill — and you must read it!


There isn’t much time. Send your emails and forward this email to every gun owner in Wyoming!