State Legislation

Eight Anti-Gun Votes Mary Throne Hopes You Never Hear About!

For the ten years she was elected, gun owners in Wyoming have heard Mary Throne tell us how much she supports the Second Amendment. Now, as she runs for Governor, Throne is regaling gun owners with stories of her childhood and the gun that her dad kept behind the front door. She’s a stalwart supporter of gun rights… …or that’s what she wants you to believe anyway. The truth is

Gun Control Raging in Neighboring Colorado!

Dozens of you have contacted us about the incredible news coming out of Boulder, CO, last week. In case you missed it, the City Council has passed the ‘first reading’ of a resolution to make it a criminal offense to possess an AR15, bump stock, or any magazine over 10 rounds! Can you imagine the arrogance of some city councilman trying to get you locked up over a city law

Bloomberg Funded War in Wyoming!

“This is crazy! I never thought I’d live to see so many people in Wyoming fighting to destroy the Second Amendment. I need to become a member now!” That’s what Stephen, from Gillette, told us over the phone last night, as many of you have contacted us about the gun control marches that took place in Laramie and Jackson — and across the nation — last weekend. Simply put, many

Attack in Maryland!

Tuesday morning the Fake News, anti-gun lawmakers, and gun control groups were jumping up and down as another school shooting was playing out on national TV. Like all of the shootings before it, gun grabbers were hoping to use the news of the Maryland school shooting to further their ant-gun agenda. But by noon, the story seemingly vanished. That’s because — far from making the case for gun control —

Wyoming Becomes the 36th Stand-Your-Ground State!

‘There is not a doubt in my mind that Stand-Your-Ground law ONLY became law here in Wyoming because of the relentless pressure of Wyoming Gun Owners members!’ That’s what one lawmaker told me last night as the word came down that Governor Mead was taking no action on H.B. 168 — meaning that at 12:01am this morning our fight to pass Stand-Your-Ground law was victorious! This means no more having

Don’t Let Governor Mead Veto Stand-Your-Ground Law!

This is an emergency! We only have a day and a half left for Governor Mead to support or veto Stand-Your-Ground law. The lawmakers we have spoken to in the Capitol say this bill is the largest expansion of Second Amendment freedom in memory, maybe in the history of Wyoming! The bill has amazing support in the legislature. The House passed Stand-Your-Ground legislation, H.B. 168, by an overwhelming vote of

Urge Governor Mead to Sign Stand-Your-Ground Into Law!

Thanks to all of your help, Stand-Your-Ground law has been passed by the Wyoming legislature this morning, and is now on Governor Mead’s desk awaiting his decision! But this is no time to sit back and relax. Powerful anti-gun organizations and lobbyists are, undoubtedly, urging the Governor to veto this bill! We saw this last year, with our bill to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ in Government buildings — the

One Vote Left!  Act Now!

One vote left! That’s all we need in Cheyenne to pass Stand-Your-Ground law through the legislature and onto the Governor’s desk! Earlier today, the Senate and the House both passed respective versions of Stand-Your-Ground law through their chambers with no weakening amendments! But I have to warn you, this is the MOST DANGEROUS PART of the legislative process, and I need you to take action — more on that below.

The Wyoming Senate on Wednesday signed off on Senate File 71. On Tuesday the Senate had amended the legislation to the point where the bill’s primary sponsor Senator Anthony Bouchard, had said the bill was essentially gutted. The changes included changing the standard for using deadly force from the belief on the part of the person being attacked that it was needed to wording that called for a ”reasonable” belief that

Things are moving so fast in Cheyenne, it’s hard to put out emails fast enough! As we told you Tuesday night, the Senate took a sledgehammer to our Stand-Your-Ground law with a massive strike-after amendment that gutted key components of the bill. However, after your calls and emails demanding that they fix the bill, I’m happy to report that the Senate fixed much of the damage they did the day