2024 Primary Survey Results.

Welcome to the 2024 Wyoming Gun Owners Candidate Survey Results page for the Republican Primary election to be held on August 20th!

Below you will find every completed survey that we have received from the candidates running to represent you: in the State House and the State Senate.

If a candidate running in your area is not listed here, they did not complete and return their survey to the Wyoming Gun Owners.

You can sort this data by what office you are interested in, what county you live in, or by a candidate’s name to find the answers to the survey questions that we’ve listed below. You will even see a link to each candidate’s completed survey, so you can see their answers for yourself!

(NOTE: just because a candidate is listed here does not necessarily mean they answered 100% pro-gun! Be sure to check the candidate’s responses to each and every question on their survey.)

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Question 1

Most mass shootings happen in so-called ‘Gun-Free Zones’ where law-abiding citizens are forced to disarm. Thousands of Americans have been shot or murdered by violent criminals in these zones over the last fifteen years, because law-abiding citizens were unable to defend themselves or their loved ones, because of a deadly law that forced them to disarm.
In the 2024 legislative session, WYGO passed HB-125 to address these concerns, only to have the bill vetoed by Governor Gordon.
If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on legislation that eliminates government-mandated ‘Gun Free Zones,’ that leave law abiding citizens helpless against violent killers looking to rack up a body count?

Question 2

In the recent past, multiple cases have come to light where a gun owner has had his permit to carry application denied based, in part, on the nebulous definition of ‘prior contact with law enforcement.’ This denial is not based solely on a criminal conviction but is often done so based on the opinions of the county sheriff or Chief of Police. Further, the chief law enforcement officer is not required to provide the applicant with a written report wherein he documents the reasons for his opinion. As a result, it is almost impossible for a gun owner to properly appeal this decision with the Department of Criminal Investigations or the court, as he has no idea why the permit was denied in the first place.
If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on legislation that would require any permit denial to be documented in writing, including all input from local law enforcement, so that an applicant can make a proper appeal to the Department of Criminal Investigations?

Question 3

In 2022, the Wyoming legislature passed a watered-down version of the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA.) True SAPA law asserts state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment and tells the federal government that while the state can’t stop the federal government from enforcing federal gun control laws, they can order state and local law enforcement to ignore these laws. More, SAPA law includes civil penalties that allow individual gun owners to hold departments that intentionally violate the law accountable. Wyoming’s fake SAPA bill has none of the teeth of true SAPA law and provides plenty of carve out for anti-gun law enforcement agencies.
If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on a true Second Amendment Preservation Act law, which states that Wyoming law enforcement officers may not be used by the federal government to enforce federal gun control laws or Executive Orders, and which contains civil penalties that allow gun owners to hold rogue departments who break the law accountable?

Question 4

Anti-gun organizations, often funded with out-of-state resources from Michael Bloomberg, have been pushing legislation that would end all private party firearms transfers in Wyoming unless gun owners submit to a federal NICS check. And we all know that every Federal NICS check adds gun owners and their firearms to a government database. As we’ve seen, this legislation does virtually nothing to stop crime but expands state and national databases of gun owners – which can be used against gun owners later.
If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on ‘Universal Gun Registrations’ (or similar legislation) that would ban all private party gun sales and make criminals out of Wyomingites who lawfully transfer firearms without first obtaining government permission?

Question 5

Mental health (aka FIX-NICS) has become a back door for gun control. By expanding the criteria for voluntary and involuntary commitments for ‘treatment’ and giving mental health staffers the power to ‘declare’ someone as a ‘prohibited person’ in the NICS database, hundreds of thousands of gun owners have been disarmed (mostly veterans) even though their due process rights were violated, and they were never ‘adjudicated’ defective in a court of law. Once a person’s name is placed on this list, it is virtually impossible to have it removed.
If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on all so-called ‘mental health’ legislation that would allow a law-abiding Wyomingite to be disarmed before they were able to exercise their due process rights in a court of law?

Question 6

Wyoming has had Stand-Your-Ground law since 2018, allowing innocent Wyomingites to defend themselves from violent criminals without having to retreat first. Without this law, gun owners could be arrested and prosecuted for not retreating an arbitrary number of steps before defending themselves or their loved ones. Joe Biden and the Radical Left want to repeal Stand-Your-Ground in every single state in America!
If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would repeal any portion of Wyoming’s Stand-Your-Ground law, knowing that without this law, innocent Wyomingites could go to prison at the hands of a Soros-backed prosecutor?

Question 7

Wyoming became the first state in the nation to ban ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations’ during the 2024 legislative session. Also known as ‘Extreme Risk Protection Orders,’ ‘Red Flag’ laws allow virtually anyone to petition a court and make the claim that a person is a ‘danger to themselves or others’ while providing little to no evidence. Once filed, ‘Red Flag’ allegations allow a liberal judge to strip a law-abiding gun owner of his firearms before he has been arrested, indicted, or convicted of a crime. But some politicians are talking about repealing this law!
If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would repeal any portion of Wyoming’s ban of ‘Red Flag Gun Confiscations,’ recognizing that these laws shred the Constitution and the idea of ‘innocent until proven guilty?’

Question 8

Gun control activists have long desired mandatory waiting periods before law abiding
citizens can purchase firearms, ammunition, or accessories. Similar legislation has passed in other states that would make criminals out of citizens who buy a firearm without waiting five days first. This, even though many women have been murdered by violent predators because they were unarmed and couldn’t defend themselves, because they hadn’t waited enough days to buy a gun! This bill has been filed in Wyoming as recently as 2020!
If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would make criminals out of Wyomingites who buy firearms without waiting an arbitrary number of days first, knowing that these laws are unconstitutional and only endanger innocent people?

Question 9

Over the last four years, an estimated 7,500,000 million people have illegally entered America. The Dept. of Homeland Security said that at least 70,000 of these were ‘special interest’ aliens, coming from countries that ‘promote or protect terrorism’ against the United States. Now, some are trying to use the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision to justify letting these foreign nationals possess firearms.
If elected, would you OPPOSE and VOTE NO on legislation that would allow for foreign nationals who have entered America illegally to possess a firearm, knowing that they’ll be able to legally buy a firearm once they’ve completed the process for entry?

Question 10

Over the last eight years, gun owners here in Wyoming have had our ‘pro-gun’ governors veto multiple pro-gun bills. In Governor Gordan’s case, he did so in direct violation of a signed candidate survey. It is not enough to for the legislature to vote pro-gun, only to do nothing when the Governor vetoes these bills.
If elected, would you SUPPORT and VOTE YES on an effort to override a gubernatorial veto on pro-gun bills previously passed by the legislature, and would you support a procedure effort to convene a special session if it was necessary?

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