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Accomplishments Overview


PASSED Stand-Your-Ground law; allowing Wyomingites to defend themselves against violent criminals without having to retreat or face prosecution from ‘woke’ county attorneys.

DEFEATED FIX NIC legislation; which would create a backdoor mental health gun control program in Wyoming and pave the way for Red Flag Gun Seizure legislation.

DEFEATED 3-Day Waiting Period legislation; which would make Wyomingites criminals for buying a handgun before waiting an arbitrary three days.

LEADING THE FIGHT to Repeal Deadly Gun Free Zones; which currently give violent criminals the upper hand for carrying out deadly attacks in these areas where we are forced to disarm.

Firearms Freedom

PASSED Constitutional Carry Legislation; allowing Wyomingites to carry a firearm without needing a government permit.

EXPANDED Constitutional Carry Legislation; to apply to all law abiding Americans, not just Wyomingites.

Government Overreach

DEFEATED EVERY Universal Background Check bill filed; which would make Wyomingites felons for buying or selling firearms without getting government permission first.

LEADING THE FIGHT for the Second Amendment Preservation Act; which would make Wyoming cops enforce Wyoming gun laws and ignore federal gun control laws and executive orders.

LEADING THE FIGHT to Fix Wyoming’s Unconstitutional Campaign Finance Laws; which currently leave WYGO’s ability to educate our members about where candidates for office stand in jeopardy. We’re challenging this with a lawsuit in Federal Court!

Elected Official Accountability

EXPOSED Gun-Grabbers in the Legislature; using direct mail, email, radio/TV ads, digital and internet ads, and a door-to-door lit dropping program. This educational program led to DOZENS of anti-gun moderates being removed from office!