State Legislation

Gun Control bill sponsor says that the NRA drafted and supported his gun control scheme. In one of the most egregious “sneak-attacks” on your gun rights, HB-70 bill sponsors Representative Jonathan Botten (R-Sheridan) and Senator Drew Perkins (R-Natrona) launched an attack to expand the list of places where law abiding citizens like you and me can no longer defend ourselves. This legislation “disguised” as a courtroom security measure would have

In an interview on Glenn Woods radio show (AM1270 in Gillette) Representative Tom Lubnau (R-Gillette) stated that HB-60 preemption reform legislation was a “crazy gun bill”. Of course Lubnau says he didn’t shoot down the bill –Reality Check– the bill failed 2 votes shy of the 2/3rds majority – 38-21. And YES Lubnau was a no vote! Click here to listen Glenn Woods AM1270 — Tom Lubnau In a stupendous

Great News From U.S. District Ten Court

U.S. District Court Rules: Leave Open-Carriers Alone – Fourth Amendment Applies By Anthony Bouchard On September 8, 2009, United States District Court for New Mexico, Judge Bruce D. Black entered a summary judgment in a civil case against six police officers of Alamogordo NM. In a nutshell: Mathew St. John paid and went into the movie theater to enjoy a movie and he happened to be wearing his holstered firearm in