WYGO Blocked from Judiciary Committee!

Thanks to the calls and emails from WYGO members like you, the politicians here in Cheyenne are feeling the heat over their FAKE SAPA bill, and they don’t know what to do about it.

That’s why — at this morning’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting over S.F. 102 (the RINOs fake SAPA bill) — Chairwoman Tara Nethercott refused to let me testify against this bill!

Despite the fact that I had filled out the form to speak, she suddenly closed the public comment section as I was rising to give the remarks on behalf of thousands of WYGO members like you.

Having testified before legislatures in multiple states on behalf of gun owners for almost fifteen years, I’ve never had a chair shut down committee testimony just to silence opposition!

Tara (Cheney) Nethercott didn’t just silence me. Senator Bouchard and other Senators were there to blast this sham bill, as were local WYGO members who took a half day off from work to testify. None of us were allowed to testify!

(WYGO’s Aaron Dorr telling Senator Larry Hicks that this sham SAPA bill won’t protect RINOs from the wrath of gun owners during the August primaries.)

Of course, we all know why the backstabbing RINOs that are pushing this bill don’t want to hear from us. That’s because this bill wasn’t designed to protect gun owners, it was designed to protect politicians!

That’s why the Hicks/Nethercott fake SAPA bill:

>>>  Gutted our language that lets individual citizens take agencies that violate the Second Amendment Preservation Act into civil court, and gave that enforcement to the county attorney who will never enforce it for political reasons.

>>>  Gutted the entire civil penalties section of this bill. Our SAPA legislation has $50,000 civil penalties built into it. This bill removes all of that language!

>>>  Made a carve out so that SAPA doesn’t apply if the cops who seize your firearms are doing so on a joint federal task force. These federally funded task forces are very common, and the Hicks/Nethercott SAPA bill specifically exempts them from this bill.

>>>  Only applies to firearms that are made here in Wyoming. The ‘teeth’ that Hicks put into this bill is Wyoming code section 6-8-405B. And as you can see, if you own a firearm that was manufactured outside of Wyoming, this bill does not apply to you.

S.F. 102 won’t stop a single law enforcement agency from enforcing Biden’s Executive Orders later this year. And that’s why multiple anti-gun lobbyists testified in FAVOR of the bill today — they know that it won’t do a damn thing!

One of those lobbyists was Nephi Cole, who has been trying to pass FIX-NICS mental health gun control here in Cheyenne for years. Another was Byron Oedekoven, the lobbyist for the sheriff’s association.

Oedekoven has lobbied against every bill that WYGO has ever introduced or passed into law for almost fifteen years! But today, not only did he support the bill, he said that every sheriff in the state was backing it, too!

Every single sheriff in Wyoming opposed WYGO’s SAPA legislation last year. Now, suddenly, every single one of them is backing the bill put forth by the RINOs in Cheyenne. And these politicians want you to believe that this is a strong bill?

This behavior is insufferably arrogant.

But don’t forget, the gun-control lobby of Cole and Oedekoven and the anti-gun Republicans who are pushing this are being aiding by a new face here in Cheyenne, Gun Owners of America.

GOA never reached out to WYGO to ask how they could assist in our 15-year fight for freedom. They never reached out to Sen. Bouchard or Rep. Wharff who are leading the SAPA fight. They just jumped into bed with the biggest RINOs in the state — and are backing this fake SAPA bill that won’t defend gun owners!

Please help WYGO fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act in Cheyenne by taking the following action steps:

  1. Sign your petition telling your State Senator and State Representative that you are tired of them playing games with your gun rights, and demand they pass real SAPA law!
  2. Share WYGO’s video report after Chairwoman Nethercott refused to let us speak about this trashball SAPA bill in committee today!
  3. Make an immediate donation so that WYGO can continue running our texting, digital ads, and other online programs to flood the legislature with calls and emails demanding passage of real SAPA legislation!

These arrogant politicians are using our right to keep and bear arms as campaign fodder for the 2022 primaries, and law abiding gun owners are the ones who are going to pay the price for this as this legislation won’t protect any of us against Biden’s agenda!

Don’t let them get away with it, take action NOW!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Terrified that more gun owners are going to learn what a scam the FAKE SAPA bill (SF 102) here in Cheyenne is, Judiciary Chairwoman Tara Nethercott refused to let me speak in opposition to the bill in committee earlier today!

As you’ll see above, this bill is a total sham, and won’t protect gun owners from Biden’s Executive Orders! You don’t even need to take my word for it. The fact that two gun-control lobbyists spoke in support of this bill today tells you all you need to know!

Read the email above for more information, and then take immediate action to help us pass real SAPA legislation in Cheyenne!