Long Time Gun Rights Enemy Defeated Last Night!

While the gubernatorial race captured much of the headlines last night, gun owners have lots of reasons to be excited! We have already informed you about the pro-gun wins in Senate District 3 where Cheri Steinmetz received 71% of the vote and Senate District 5 where Bo Biteman received 56% of the vote. And gun owners should be happy that anti-gun candidates were defeated in House District 30, House District

One Vote Left!  Act Now!

One vote left! That’s all we need in Cheyenne to pass Stand-Your-Ground law through the legislature and onto the Governor’s desk! Earlier today, the Senate and the House both passed respective versions of Stand-Your-Ground law through their chambers with no weakening amendments! But I have to warn you, this is the MOST DANGEROUS PART of the legislative process, and I need you to take action — more on that below.

Stand-Your-Ground Bill Passes Senate After More Amendments

The Wyoming Senate on Wednesday signed off on Senate File 71. On Tuesday the Senate had amended the legislation to the point where the bill’s primary sponsor Senator Anthony Bouchard, had said the bill was essentially gutted. The changes included changing the standard for using deadly force from the belief on the part of the person being attacked that it was needed to wording that called for a ”reasonable” belief that

Wyoming Senate Guts Portions of Stand-Your-Ground Law - Action Needed!

I’m sorry for the late hour of this email, but it has been a long day in the Capitol and this is the first chance we’ve had to update you. As we have been warning you, the Wyoming Senate took a sledgehammer to some of the key provisions of the Stand-Your-Ground law when they voted on it for the second time, earlier today. The victim of the Senate’s hostility: the

Stand-Your-Ground law is spreading like wild-fire in Wyoming!

Park Co. and Natrona Co. have already passed a resolution calling on the legislature to pass — and the Governor to sign — the Stand-Your-Ground legislation being filed by Senator Anthony Bouchard! Laramie and Campbell Co. are considering the same resolution shortly! We’ve included the resolution below, so that you can urge your county Republican leaders to do the same thing. The more support we can generate on this bill,

We’re Being Left Behind!

Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Oregon have it. California does too . . . In fact — as you can see from the map below — every single state in the mainland U.S. that’s west of the Dakotas has a Stand-Your-Ground Law — either by statute or court precedence! Except one: Wyoming. But with your action today, I’m hopeful you and I can change that. That’s why I’m counting on you