Wyoming Senate Guts Portions of Stand-Your-Ground Law – Action Needed!

I’m sorry for the late hour of this email, but it has been a long day in the Capitol and this is the first chance we’ve had to update you.

As we have been warning you, the Wyoming Senate took a sledgehammer to some of the key provisions of the Stand-Your-Ground law when they voted on it for the second time, earlier today.

The victim of the Senate’s hostility: the criminal immunity language that would keep you from being forced to spend countless dollars and go through the agony of a criminal trial — all because a violent criminal attacked you!

The vote on this harmful amendment was 22-8.

The Senators who stood tall for the Second Amendment were Senators’ Agar, Barnard, Bouchard, Christensen, Driskill, Meier, Moniz, and Peterson.

If your Senator’s name is not on that list, they very intentionally acted against this bill today!

Nor can they say that they weren’t warned, as both WYGO and the NRA sent notes to almost every Senator telling them that supporting the floor amendment would be harmful to the Second Amendment!

The good news is that numerous Senators are realizing that this amendment was anti-gun and already WYGO is working with lawmakers who intend to offer pro-gun amendments to the bill when it receives a final vote TOMORROW!

It’s absolutely crucial that you talk to your Senator TONIGHT and TOMORROW and insist that he support the pro-gun amendments that will be offered tomorrow.

The battle lines over this bill are clear.

On the one side are legions of grassroots gun owners from all corners of the state.

On the other are all of the groups who are financially profiting from keeping the current system in place –- the trial lawyers, prosecutors, and law enforcement groups.

Of course, here in Cheyenne, they make it sound like passage of Stand-Your-Ground law would mean the sky would fall!

But then again, they said that when we passed Constitutional Carry law here in Wyoming, too!

More, their objections didn’t stop the other 35 states that already have Stand-Your-Ground law on the book from enacting these crucial protections for gun owners.

So again, you need to send an email to your Senator right away, and demand that they support all of the pro-gun amendments that will be offered tomorrow.


Now, in the House, Stand-Your-Ground law was ‘laid over’ until tomorrow for a variety of reasons.

That gives you one more chance to talk to your State Representative using the same link that we’ve given you above.

While the House isn’t as overtly hostile to gun bills as the Senate is, we can’t take anything for granted there.

So keep the pressure on!

If you prefer, you can call your legislators and leave a message for them with the receptionist.

>>> To leave a message for your Senator, call 307-777-7711 and the receptionist will take your message and deliver it.

>>> To leave a message for your Representative, call 307-777-7852 and the receptionist will take your message and deliver it.

Whatever you do, please take action immediately, as tomorrow will likely be the final day for floor votes for this bill.

And finally, I hope you’ll become a member of Wyoming Gun Owners right away!

We need everyone involved in this fight as we’re spending heavily to mobilize gun owners using mail, email, social media, and more!

Please join WYGO TODAY!

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. The Wyoming Senate took a sledgehammer to key aspects of our Stand-Your-Ground law bill today, during the second vote on the bill, by a vote of 22-8.

Tomorrow, pro-gun lawmakers will be banding together to offer pro-gun amendments to fix the damage when the bill is voted on for the final time!


The final vote for the House and Senate will take place tomorrow, so take action immediately!

Then, when you’re done, I hope you’ll join WYGO right away! No one fights harder!