Wyoming Secretary of State Wants Your Name on His List!

The Wyoming Secretary of State is coming after Wyoming Gun Owners with a vengeance, and I need your help immediately.

No, this isn’t a joke.

Ten months ago, when ultra-moderate politicians like Michael Von Flatern and Bill Pownall tried to pass FIX-NICS legislation in Cheyenne — only to be soundly defeated by WYGO members — I was warned by insiders that WYGO had better ‘watch their back.’

And then, two months ago, when WYGO successfully exposed the records of dozens of anti-gun Republicans who were booted out of office by educated gun owners who learned the truth, I was again warned that ‘the establishment will not take this lying down.’

So I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that a bogus complaint has been filed against WYGO — but it was a surprise to learn about it from a reporter in Riverton who knew about the complaint being filed BEFORE we heard anything from Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan!

What’s more, we had to make three separate requests under Wyoming’s Public Records Act (seeking a copy of the complaint that was filed against us,) before Secretary of State Ed Buchanan would provide a copy of the complaint yesterday.

In fact, Ed Buchanan has refused to even acknowledge receiving our repeated requests for a copy of the complaint until yesterday, when they said that all our emails to his entire staff went to spam.


And now Ed Buchanan’s office is demanding that WYGO either surrender the names of the members that we fight for, or they will hit us with thousands of dollars in fines!

This is outrageous, and it’s a violation of the First Amendment! If you agree, help us fight back by making an immediate donation to WYGO now!

We all know what’s going on here.

WYGO has turned the tables of the powerful political families here in the state, embarrassing them as WYGO members threw Michael Von Flatern, David Northrup, Bill Pownall, Dan Kirkbride, and many others out of office during the primaries, after WYGO exposed their support for radical gun control.

They want payback — and they are using Ed Buchanan to try to silence WYGO’s voice forever!

I’ll be blunt, we have limited funds with which to fight back.

We spent heavily during the primaries, exposing the records of anti-gun Republicans, and we’ve just locked in radio ads and rounds of mail that we need to deploy during the final ten days of the general election cycle.

But if we give in and surrender to Ed Buchanan at the Secretary of State’s office, we’ll be setting a terrible precedent that will be used to attack free speech and the First Amendment here in Wyoming for years to come.  

Help WYGO fight back — make an immediate donation today!

WYGO has already been forced to spend thousands of dollars securing legal counsel to respond to this threat.

In fact, we have had to assemble a multi-member team of lawyers from Cheyenne and Washington, D.C. to ensure that we have experts in both Wyoming’s election law as well as the First Amendment.

I don’t know what this will cost when it’s all said and done.

But we have to fight back! The establishment wants to muzzle WYGO and your First Amendment right of free speech at election time, and we can’t let that happen!

You’ve been a part of our program all along.

Because of you, we were able to stop FIX-NICS and other gun control legislation this year in Cheyenne!

Because of you, we were able to expose over a dozen anti-gun incumbents during the primaries and send a message that messing with the Second Amendment is not a smart political move in Wyoming!

Because of you, we were able to pass Stand-Your-Ground law!

The Capitol elites hate the fact that the members of Wyoming Gun Owners are a tremendous force for good in Wyoming, and they are determined to use today’s ‘cancel culture’ tactics to silence us as a favor to the ‘good old boys club’ in Cheyenne.

We can’t let them get away with this!

Make an immediate donation to help WYGO fight back!

Also, if you are a member of any other 501c4 nonprofit organization, make sure they know what is going on.

Any organization that publishes information on candidates at election time would now be forced to surrender the names of their donors, or face fines and jail time!

If they want more information on this case and want to help us fight back, they can email WYGO at [email protected].

Please make your most generous contribution immediately!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Ed Buchanan, Wyoming’s Secretary of State, has given Wyoming Gun Owners an ultimatum: give us your list of donors or face civil fines and jail time!

This is in response to a politically motivated complaint that was filed against WYGO, by the moderates in Cheyenne who are furious that they can’t pass FIX-NICS in the Capitol because of us!

They want to silence our voice — your voice — so they can take a sledgehammer to Wyoming’s gun laws.

WYGO is fighting back with a legal team that is already engaging for us, but we desperately need your help to pay for this! Please make an immediate donation to help us fight, below.

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