One Vote Left! Act Now!

One vote left!

That’s all we need in Cheyenne to pass Stand-Your-Ground law through the legislature and onto the Governor’s desk!

Earlier today, the Senate and the House both passed respective versions of Stand-Your-Ground law through their chambers with no weakening amendments!

But I have to warn you, this is the MOST DANGEROUS PART of the legislative process, and I need you to take action — more on that below.

All day Wednesday (First reading vote) and today (Second reading vote) the talk was about moderates in the House running amendments against the bill.

The amendment is designed to weaken your protections in criminal court following a shooting.

More than that, it’s designed to slow the bill down, something we just can’t afford!

However, thanks to your calls and emails — and our team on the ground in Cheyenne working the legislature — these amendments have not materialized.

But tomorrow is it!

If anti-gun lawmakers or moderates in the GOP are going to be successful at stalling or weakening this bill, it will happen tomorrow or never!

That’s why it’s urgent that you send another one of our PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS to your Representative and Senator right away, urging them to oppose any amendments!


Then, follow up with a phone call to both of your legislators urging them to oppose any amendments to Stand-Your-Ground law!

To leave a message for your State Representative, call the receptionist at 307-777-7852.

To leave a message for your State Senator, call the receptionist at 307-777-7711.

At this point, we have two options for passing Stand-Your-Ground law and both chambers have identical bills. In their current form, both SF71 and HB168 would:

>>> Remove the current duty to retreat before defending yourself from a violent criminal in any place you’re lawfully allowed to be;

>>> Provide legal protection if you only have to threaten the use of force (so you can’t be charged with brandishing if the criminal runs away and calls  the police);

>>> Provide protection from use of force shootings involving apparent versus actual danger (i.e. someone pulls a replica gun on you and you shoot in fear for your life);

>>> Provide civil immunity from your proper use of force (with the important enactment clause) so you can’t be bankrupted by the very criminal (or his estate) who tried to harm you;

>>> Provide protections that if you used reasonable defensive force you ‘shall not be prosecuted.’

As you can see, this bill is a much-needed advancement in your right to defend yourself. In fact, 35 other states already have these protections in place!

The key now, is to avoid any amendments that strip you of any of these protections.

So again, take a moment to send your revised PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL right now telling your lawmakers to oppose any amendments!

We currently have two paths to victory that we are working on.

Option #1: If the House passes Senate File 71 tomorrow without amendments, we’re finished, and the bill goes to the Governor’s desk!

If it’s amended, it requires another round of voting in the Senate which we simply don’t have time for. So any amendment offered at this point is hostile to the Second Amendment.

Option #2: If the Senate passes House Bill 168 tomorrow, the bill will go to what’s referred to as a ‘conference committee’ where the House and Senate hash out the bill, as it has been amended since it left the House.

Either option could work, but Option #1 is much faster and would virtually eliminate any chance for the bill to be watered down in a conference committee.

Tomorrow will tell the tale, and that’s why your immediate action is a must!

Send your pre-written email using the link above, and then call the House and Senate tomorrow morning and tell your lawmakers to OPPOSE ANY AMENDMENTS!

Then, please join Wyoming Gun Owners TODAY!

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. Today both the House and Senate advanced Stand-Your-Ground law for the second reading! Tomorrow is the final vote!

But amendments are being considered, especially in the House, to slow this bill down in hopes of killing it, as the clock is about to run out on the 2018 session!

So please send another PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL immediately to your lawmakers, insisting that they oppose any weakening amendment.