Long Time Gun Rights Enemy Defeated Last Night!

While the gubernatorial race captured much of the headlines last night, gun owners have lots of reasons to be excited!

We have already informed you about the pro-gun wins in Senate District 3 where Cheri Steinmetz received 71% of the vote and Senate District 5 where Bo Biteman received 56% of the vote.

And gun owners should be happy that anti-gun candidates were defeated in House District 30, House District 12, and House District 57.

But the big news of the night, that is undoubtedly sending shockwaves through the State Senate caucus this morning, was the defeat of long-time anti-gun Senator Fred Emerich!

Emerich voted AGAINST Constitutional Carry in 2011.

Emerich voted AGAINST Campus Carry legislation in 2017.

Emerich voted FOR an amendment that would have weakened Stand-Your-Ground law earlier this year.

On the other hand, Senator Elect Lynn Hutchings signed her 2018 Gun Rights Candidate Questionnaire 100% pro-gun, promising in writing to fight for gun owners!

Armed with this information, WYGO worked hard to expose Fred Emerich with massive amounts of direct mail, targeted social media, and email campaigns all over District 5.

Gun owners in Laramie County decided that they had had enough, and removed Emerich from office in favor of Hutchings last night.

Make no mistake, Emerich’s ouster from the Senate last night sent a blunt message to everyone in Cheyenne: If you mess with our gun rights, you are going to pay for it!

This is how we fight for the Second Amendment! This is how we hold the line and remind the legislature that they work for us!

You see, while many organizations are afraid of making lawmakers mad and often times are manipulated into supporting the incumbent at election time, WYGO is different.

We exist to serve one entity: our members and supporters!

That’s it!

Anyone who gets in the way of the Second Amendment will be exposed and made to feel the pressure of gun owners — regardless of party affiliation.

It is that philosophy that enabled us to pass Stand-Your-Ground law this year, and to hold anti-gunners accountable.

Thank you to the members of Wyoming Gun Owners who have given us the resources we need to fight for you!

All of our mail, tens of thousands of pieces over 7 different races, was paid for by you.

It was the same with our targeted social media, video updates, and statewide email alerts — none of it would have happened without your support!

Of course, we are counting on your support now more than ever as we enter the general election phase where we desperately need to expose anti-gun incumbents in key races.

After having run such an expensive, but successful, primary operation, we are going to need help from WYGO members to maintain this fight.

But maintain this fight we must!

So if you are a member of WYGO and want to make a special contribution to help us fight in November and to enable us to gear up to repeal ‘Gun Free Zones’ next session –- please go here.

And if you are not yet a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, please consider joining today!

As you have seen, no organization fights harder or with as much success for gun owners as WYGO here in Wyoming!

Get involved with this fight today!

  For Freedom,

David Ball
  Wyoming Gun Owners

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