Video Update: SAPA Fight Begins Tomorrow!

The 2022 legislative session begins TOMORROW here in Cheyenne, and while I can’t promise you an outcome, I can promise that WYGO is going to lead a knockdown, drag-out fight as we fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA!)

As you know by now, SAPA legislation tells Wyoming cops to enforce Wyoming laws dealing with firearms and ammunition, asserting our state’s right to enforce laws that are in the best interest of the state of Wyoming.

And this has to happen fast as Biden’s first two Executive Orders attacking gun owners (one makes criminals out of gun owners who own a pistol brace while the other makes criminals out of gun owners who have an 80% lower receiver) are going to take effect later this year!

For all of the details on this bill, the harmful amendments that RINOs may try to attack it with, and information on how you can help us put pressure on the legislation, watch our video report!

As you just heard, with this being a shortened budget session, all bills need to be referred to a committee by Friday to remain alive for consideration.

So please send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator and State Representative today, telling them to vote to refer this bill to committee and then to move it onto the floor!


SAPA’s enemies are claiming this legislation violates the Supremacy Clause. That’s false; it doesn’t limit what the feds can do in Wyoming, it limits their ability to tell Wyoming what we have to do for them!

SAPA’s enemies are claiming that this legislation is anti-cop. That’s absurd; real cops love SAPA because it protects them from having to enforce unconstitutional gun control decrees!

SAPA’s enemies are claiming that the courts won’t uphold SAPA. That’s lunacy, as the courts have upheld the states’ rights to ignore federal laws for hundreds of years.

But just because these complaints about SAPA are false doesn’t mean that they won’t be used by smug politicians who want to kill this critical legislation. Send your emails NOW!


Please take action today. As we said, this bill needs to be sent to committee this week, so there is little time to waste. Send your emails and encourage every gun owner you know to do the same thing!

Our Founding Fathers never intended for the states to be mere vassals of an all-powerful federal government. In fact, they designed a system of government that ensured the opposite!

We have the right to tell Joe Biden to pound sand –- to tell him that that he cannot simply order Wyoming cops to enforce his agenda — but we need legislators that are up for the fight! Contact them now.

When you’ve done that, please consider an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50 or at least $25 so we can continue fighting for this badly needed legislation!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. The fight over the Second Amendment Preservation Act begins tomorrow in Cheyenne and the moderates are already looking for a way to kill this bill outright, or sandbag it via amendments.

Watch our video update right away, for the latest on this bill and how you can help us get it through the committee process in time!