Must Watch: National Groups Are Bungling the Fight for SAPA Already!

Session begins in just over two weeks, and Wyoming Gun Owners will be out in front, leading the fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act or SAPA.

As you’ll remember, SAPA legislation would effectively stop Biden’s war on gun owners here in Wyoming by asserting our state sovereignty and denying the federal government any form of assistance in enforcing federal laws that deal with gun control!

As Wyoming’s leading voice for gun owners, we take this obligation to defend freedom very seriously. That’s why we are so sick and tired of seeing national groups fly into Cheyenne and work with the WORST RINOs in the state.

These groups have no idea what’s going on, who the players are in the legislature, and the history of the fight that has gone on for well over a decade before them!

And by working with rank RINOs like Senator Larry Hicks, they are going to cause real damage to our fight for SAPA law!

To find out which groups I’m talking about, and what’s going on behind the scenes right now, watch our video report here.

Session begins very soon. Please help us put pressure on the legislature and demand action on this bill. You can do that by:

>>> Sending your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL in support of WYGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act, so your State Senator and State Representative know you demand action on this bill!

 >>> Making an immediate donation so WYGO can use every tool at our disposal to crank up the heat on this legislation with session so close!

And please make sure that you share our video, so that every gun owner in the state knows what’s going on in Cheyenne!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. With session just two weeks away, a national gun rights organization is jetting into Cheyenne and threatening our fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act in a very real way!

Watch WYGO’s video report for more information, here.

Then, take action below and help us gear up for a major fight over this legislation!