Rep. Dan Laursen Files WYGO’s SAPA Bill in the House!

Momentum for Wyoming Gun Owners’ Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) continues to grow, as gun owners are rightfully concerned about the erosion of their freedoms under Joe Biden’s administration.

As we’ve told you before, State Senator Anthony Bouchard has filed SAPA legislation in the Senate (S.F. 81) but now State Representative Dan Laursen has filed the mirror bill (H.B. 124) in the House of Representatives!

For those who don’t know, Rep. Laursen is one of the boldest defenders of our gun rights in the House, and has been helping WYGO advance the Second Amendment for several years.

Now he’s leading the charge for SAPA legislation in the House.

(Feel free to thank Senator Bouchard and Representative Laursen for leading this fight by sending them a personal email at [email protected] and [email protected].)

By now you know all about the importance of SAPA legislation, as it would nullify Joe Biden’s war on gun owners. If you’ve missed our earlier emails on this, read here, here, and here.

 But as badly needed as this legislation is for gun owners, moderates in the House and Senate are working behind the scenes to tank this bill — or weaken it so bad that it’s meaningless!

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Of course, these are the same moderates that are trying to fool gun owners, claiming that they backed this bill last year, and that they really are pro-gun.

But that’s a joke.

Last year’s legislation — not drafted or filed by WYGO — was deliberately watered down for the expressed purpose of allowing moderates in Cheyenne to be able to say they ‘voted for a gun bill’ knowing that the bill had no teeth.

 The sponsor new it, I told him that myself on the first day of session last year. The media knew it, that’s why they propped it up so eagerly. The moderates knew it, that’s why so many scoundrels in the legislature voted for it.

It was a scam; thankfully, it didn’t pass.

>> Email Your Legislators, Tell Them You Want Action on SAPA! <<

Our SAPA legislation is much different. The bill we will be bringing forward allows individual gun owners to bring government officials who violate their rights to civil court on their own initiative to seek relief.

So should Cheyenne mayor Patrick Collins here in Wyoming order the Cheyenne Police Department to carry out a federal gun confiscation law (something they would happily do) in violation of Wyoming’s SAPA law, then everyone involved could be brought to civil court!

No, this legislation would not stop federal authorities from enforcing federal gun control laws here in Wyoming.

But the truth is that the federal government relies on state and local authorities to enforce the vast majority of federal laws, as they simply lack the manpower.

And if Wyoming’s peace officers are statutorily unable to assist the federal government in violating our Second Amendment rights, then their gun control laws will simply go unenforced in Wyoming! 

 This is how we stop Joe Biden, but its not going to pass without a massive amount of grassroots pressure from WYGO members.

 >> Email Your Legislators, Tell Them You Want Action on SAPA! <<

You know, here at WYGO we get calls every single day of the week from gun owners across the country who ask about our laws, ask about the status of gun control, and who talk about moving here.

That’s because, for many gun owners, rightly or wrongly, they see beautiful Wyoming as the Alamo for gun owners, a place where politicians are lining up to fight for gun owners.

And while that’s true with men like Anthony Bouchard, Dan Laursen, Bob Wharff, Tim Salazar and others, the sad fact is that our Capitol is CRAWLING with back-stabbing moderates, who campaign as being pro-gun, only to betray us once in office. 

 The only reason why they haven’t been able to pass gun control, and the only reason why WYGO has been able to pass such monumental pro-gun bills over the years is because of you, the members of Wyoming Gun Owners.

WYGO has NEVER counted on the politicians in Cheyenne to do the right thing because it’s the right thing, our members have ALWAYS forced the legislature to vote the right way because they are afraid of answering to WYGO members at election time.

 So please help us FLOOD the capitol with your calls and emails in support of this legislation, so that we can keep Wyoming free, and serving as a beacon for gun owners across America!

>> Email Your Legislators, Tell Them You Want Action on SAPA! <<

And, if you’re reading this alert and you’re not yet a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, it’s time you get more directly involved.

WYGO is fighting like hell to defend freedom every single day.

And we need your help.


For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) has now been filed in the Wyoming House by longtime gun-rights fighter and State Representative Dan Laursen, meaning this bill is now moving in both chambers.

But moderates are already talking about killing this bill, which is why they need to hear from you immediately!

>> Email Your Legislators, Tell Them You Want Action on SAPA! <<

When you’re done, please forward this email to every gun owner you know in Wyoming and ask them to send their pre-written emails, too.

 And if you’re not a WYGO members, please get involved TODAY!