Major Updates on Gun Bills in Cheyenne!

There is so much going on right now in Cheyenne when it comes to the fight for our right to keep and bear arms, that it can be easy to lose track of where things stand.

Here’s the latest:

WYGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (S.F. 81) was being held hostage by moderates in the Senate Judiciary Committee for the last week and a half, and we were running out of time.

That’s why WYGO deployed this TV ad in Cheyenne, Cody, Casper and other media markets in the state for the last two days, making sure the Judiciary Committee knew that blocking this bill would be a bad move.

Thanks to all the calls and emails from WYGO members, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve the Second Amendment Preservation Act earlier today by a vote of 5-0!

Bloomberg funded lobbyists tried to stop us. Anti-gun law enforcement lobbyists tried to stop us. The moderates tried to stop us. But they couldn’t stop the pressure from WYGO members.

 We expect this legislation to receive its first Senate vote TOMORROW morning! But Bloomberg expects this too, and they are mobilizing their people to try to kill this bill on the floor!

Tell the Wyoming Senate to Pass S.F. 81!

Joe Biden is coming after gun owners with everything he’s got through a combination of his ‘assault weapons ban,’ mental health checks for gun owners, and a national gun registry.

We can stop him here in Wyoming, if the Senate advances S.F. 81, so please send your email in support of that bill to your individual Senator now!

 At the same time, the Constitutional Carry cleanup bill that WYGO alerted you to yesterday (House Bill 116) was voted out of the House today and has been sent over to the Senate!

 As we reported yesterday, this legislation was filed by Rep. Bob Wharff — who is quickly becoming one of the leading voices for gun owners in the House — and would extend our Constitutional Carry protections to all law abiding gun owners.

Currently, our Constitutional Carry laws only apply to residents of the state. This means that well-intentioned gun owners who are traveling through the state could be targeted for prosecution for this ‘crime.’

H.B. 116 would fix that issue with Wyoming code and clarify that our Constitutional Carry law covers residents and non-residents alike!  

This bill will likely wind up in the Senate Judiciary Committee, and when that happens, we will let you know.

In the meantime, please email your State Senator and urge him to vote for H.B. 116 when it comes up on the floor!

The session is moving fast as you can tell.

And for most in the legislature, they would love to adjourn for the year and go home without having to go on record on any gun bills. We can’t let that happen!

The radical left in Congress wants to crush our freedoms, forcing us to live under the same tyranny that occupies states like California and New York. We need to hold the line here in Wyoming!

So please send your two emails immediately, and then donate to Wyoming Gun Owners. We are running TV ads, digital ads, a massive email program, direct mail, and more trying to crank up the heat in Cheyenne!

It’s expensive, but we can’t give up!

Please help us with a donation of $100, $75, $50, or even just $25 today.

 For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S. After an explosive round of TV ads from WYGO, SAPA legislation passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee today 5-0 — and is expected to receive its first floor vote TOMORROW!

Tell Wyoming Senate to Pass S.F. 81! 

At the same time, H.B. 116 passed out of the House today and is headed to the Senate. When we know its committee assignment, we will let you know.

For now, contact your State Senator, tell him that you want to see him support H.B. 116, so that Constitutional Carry law here in Wyoming protects all law-abiding gun owners, not just residents of Wyoming.

Then make a generous contribution to Wyoming Gun Owners as we fight to advance these bills using every tool at our disposal!