Legislature Reconvenes Today – Take Action!

After a month-long delay, the legislature is reconvening in Cheyenne today, to continue the 2021 session, and the Second Amendment Preservation Act is a top priority for gun owners!

As you likely already know, this legislation (S.F. 81/H.B. 124) would nullify Joe Biden’s gun control agenda here in Wyoming by requiring Wyoming peace officers to only enforce Wyoming laws where our guns, ammunition, and accessories are concerned.

But as WYGO members know, just because the legislature should make passage of SAPA legislation one of the first things they do, doesn’t mean that they will actually do it!

That is why I hope that you’ll take 5 seconds and send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator and State Representative and insist that they move on this legislation right away!


We’ve done multiple reports on what SAPA legislation is, why it’s so critical for Wyoming, and how it’s spreading in ‘Red States’ all across the country. You can read about that here, here, and here for more information.

Insiders report to WYGO that legislative leaders know that they have a problem on their hands if they don’t advance this legislation.

Afterall, WYGO members CRUSHED anti-gun and do-nothing moderates in the August primary last year, sending a deafening message across the state that if you want to stay in office you had better not screw around with the Second Amendment.

And that was BEFORE Joe Biden got into office!

We are hearing that some moderates are hoping that the whole issue of SAPA will ‘just go away on its own.’ WYGO members, we can’t let that happen! Send your email TODAY!

There’s a reason that Wyomingites live in Wyoming.

If we wanted to live under the heavy hand of government we would move to California, Washington, Oregon or some state out east. This is Wyoming, and we want to keep it free, especially where our gun rights are concerned.

But if Joe Biden can cobble together the votes to do it, he will make Wyomingites live under the same tyrannical rules that gun owners in New York, California, and Oregon have to live under!

SAPA legislation is how we stop him, and how we save our freedom here in Wyoming.

Tell the legislature to act on this NOW!


Once you’re done, please donate as much as you can as Wyoming Gun Owners will be unveiling a massive media program in the coming days to crank up the heat in Cheyenne, and we need your help!

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Whatever you do, send in your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL NOW and then forward this email to every gun owner you know!


For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S. The legislature comes back into session today after a month-long Covid break. And insiders report that the moderates hope to use this shortened session to kill off gun bills!

Wyoming needs the Second Amendment Preservation Act, so that we can nullify Joe Biden’s war on our gun rights! The bill is in both chambers, now it’s up to the legislature to act!

Send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL in support of SAPA legislation immediately and urge your friends to do the same thing!

 Then donate, to help WYGO crank up the heat in Cheyenne!