Local Gun Control

Trojan Horse Gun Vote Taking Place TODAY!

This happens time and time again. Two weeks ago, we warned you about a bait and switch bill being pushed behind the scenes by anti-gun State Representative John Eklund. Eklund has been a long-time thorn in the side of gun owners and is notorious in the legislature for working behind the scenes to water down, undermine, or outright kill pro-gun bills. And he’s at it again right now! Last week

Trojan Horse Bill About to be Filed in Cheyenne!

Representative John Eklund is at it again! Long known for being anything but a friend to gun owners, Eklund is about to file legislation that is nothing short of a “Trojan Horse” in Cheyenne. And I’m afraid that unless you and I take quick action, it’s going to siphon badly needed oxygen on the pro-gun bills that Rep. Biteman has filed for us. I need your help, first let me