Trojan Horse Bill About to be Filed in Cheyenne!

Representative John Eklund is at it again!

Long known for being anything but a friend to gun owners, Eklund is about to file legislation that is nothing short of a “Trojan Horse” in Cheyenne.

And I’m afraid that unless you and I take quick action, it’s going to siphon badly needed oxygen on the pro-gun bills that Rep. Biteman has filed for us.

I need your help, first let me explain what’s going on.

As you know, WyGo has been trying for a long time to pass ‘Campus Carry’ legislation.

No, despite what the media says, we aren’t trying to arm 7-yr-old Jonnie with a Colt .45.

But the idea that we still won’t let teachers carry — when everyone knows that psychotic killers love to target schools for mass shootings — is preposterous.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that in addition to finalizing legislation to repeal “Gun Free Zones” in government buildings, we’ve worked with Rep. Biteman to introduce HB 136 which would repeal the ban on “Campus Carry” as well!

In the meantime, Rep. Eklund is about to roll out a bill that purports to deal with the same problem, but in reality makes it much, much worse.

You see, Eklund is trying to derail ‘Campus Carry’ legislation with his bill which allows the 48 separate school districts in Wyoming to enact their own policies on who can carry defensive firearms!

Pathetically trying to rename the issue as “Local Control” — Rep. Eklund’s bill is clearly a “Local Gun Control” bill and would lead to a disaster.

That’s because Eklund’s bill would create a patchwork quilt scenario of 48 different standards for ‘Campus Carry.’

More, it’s just a reality that most, if not all school boards, would flatly refuse to allow for ‘Campus Carry,’ using their insurance policy as an excuse.

The truth is, Eklund’s bill represents a dangerous threat to the safety of our children here in Wyoming.

Eklund and his allies know that if they can make this bill the new ‘Campus Carry’ bill for 2017, that they’ll effectively kill our bill.

What’s worse, Eklund can have all of his cronies get onboard with this bill — knowing that it’s not going to save a single life — and then claim that they supported “Campus Carry” all along.

It’s this kind of double-dealing, smoke-filled back room insider politics that I can’t stand, and I’m sure you can’t either.

Rep. Eklund’s bill is a purposeful attempt to stop any meaningful advancement of the Second Amendment here in Wyoming, all the while protecting the politicians in Cheyenne.

In fact, Eklund’s bill is so bad that he’s refusing to let anyone even look at it right now!

Insiders are reporting to us that Eklund’s trying to drum up support for the bill, all the while denying anyone a chance to review the legislation — likely in an attempt to keep gun rights activists like you and me in the dark.

With your help, it won’t work.

Help me stop this fake bill, before it derails Biteman’s bill and stalls true pro-gun reforms! Please take a moment to contact three people right away

  1. Speaker of the House Steve Harshman; at (307)262-8075 or [email protected].

    Insist he kill this bill immediately as it represents an attack on true ‘Campus Carry’ and is designed to protect politicians who aren’t willing to back real ‘Campus Carry.’

    At the same time, tell him to move HB136 through the House right away, so that our school children will no longer be sitting ducks!

  2. Representative John Eklund; at (307) 630-6232 or [email protected].

    Tell him that his bill is a pathetic “Trojan Horse” that wouldn’t stop a single mass shooting, but would instead protect legislators like Eklund and his pals from angry voters.

    Insist he publicly back true ‘Campus Carry’ legislation — HB136.

  3. Your own Representative. (If you’re not sure who your Representative is, go here.)

    Tell him/her to support Rep. Biteman’s ‘Campus Carry’ bill, HB136, and to stay far away from Eklund’s bill.

    Make sure they know that you consider his bill to be a ‘Trojan Horse’ that is designed to stop pro-gun legislation.

Please make your calls and send your emails right away.

This session is moving fast, please don’t lay this aside for a few days.

This is also why I hope you’ll consider renewing your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners right away!

No one fights harder to push for the Second Amendment than WyGo!

No one can take you ‘behind the curtain’ and show you what’s really going on in Cheyenne, other than WyGO!

And no one will be there at election time, making sure gun owners know the truth about where the candidates stand, other than WyGo.

But we need your help to make it possible. That’s why I hope you’ll renew your support for 2017 TODAY!

Either way, please make your calls and send your emails, that’s most important.

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. As we continue to work to repeal deadly “Gun Free Zones” here in Wyoming, Rep. Bo Biteman just filed HB136 which would allow for ‘Campus Carry’ here in Wyoming!

But in a desperate move to kill this bill — and protect bad legislators who need political cover at election time — Rep. John Eklund is about to file a bill that claims to be ‘Campus Carry’ but is anything but!

Eklund’s bill would allow all 48 school boards in Wyoming to dictate their own policies, meaning a patchwork quilt of laws where no one would really be allowed to carry.

It’s a sneaky, smoke-filled back-room deal being cooked up in Cheyenne, and I need your help to stop it. Please read the email above and take action today.

When you’re done, please renew your membership in WyGo today to enable us to keep fighting for you!