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With Biden losing control of the House, the fight for gun rights is headed back where I love fighting for it the most: at the state level, right here in Cheyenne!

The 2023 legislative session is going to start in just a few days, and WYGO’s team has spent weeks finalizing our legislative agenda for the year, along with the budget we’ll need to flood the Capitol with grassroots pressure.

To be clear, we’ll need to keep a wary eye on Congress this year, as there are more than enough RINOs to pass a gun control bill through the GOP-controlled House.

But with such massive majorities in the House and Senate here in Cheyenne, 2023 will be a rare opportunity to advance critical gun rights legislation!

From banning ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ to doing away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones,’ to crushing the State of Wyoming’s unconstitutional campaign finance law in Federal Court — there’s a lot on the line this year!

The truth is, Wyomingites need all of these bills to pass.

But the hard reality is that there’s a limit to how much we can spend on any one particular political fight. So, while I’d love nothing more than to go ‘all in’ on each of the bills I mentioned above, we simply don’t have the resources for that.

That’s why I am writing you today.

We need to decide where to focus the financial resources that you’ve given to us — along with our time — during this upcoming legislative session, and we need to decide quickly.

That’s why I have prepared your 2023 Wyoming Gun Owners Membership Ballot with this email. I hope that you’ll read this update and fill out your ballot IMMEDIATELY!

The 2022 election program that gun owners ran here in Wyoming was a huge success! Liz Cheney was obliterated, and laughed out of our state. Gun-grabbing RINOs in the Senate like R.J. Kost and Drew Perkins were crushed. And the same thing happened during the General Election, too!

But that success came at a cost.

All said and done, Wyoming Gun Owners spent a small fortune educating gun owners on where the candidates stood on gun rights using digital ads and our huge email and direct mail programs.  

To be clear, I wouldn’t change a thing.

But as things stand today, WYGO has the cash on hand for one major political battle next session. We simply can’t handle multiple fights in Cheyenne simultaneously. 

So I am counting on you to tell us where to focus this session. But before you do, let me explain what these bills do and why we need them so badly, so you have all the facts.

Thanks to gun owners, Joe Biden has lost control of the House, which means the days of him ramming his gun control bills through that chamber at warp speed are officially over.

That’s why Biden is turning to the oldest trick in the book for tyrants in the federal government: bribing the states to get what he wants, using taxpayer money.

Specifically, Biden is offering states like Wyoming tens of millions of dollars if they agree to pass a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law at the state level!

And this isn’t a vain threat.

Last summer Biden passed a massive gun control bill in Congress that gave him $750 million to use for exactly this reason. And with state legislatures going into session all over America right now, the DOJ is actively offering these bribes!

The damage that a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law would inflict on gun owners here in Wyoming is almost impossible to quantify.

You see, under ‘Red Flag’ laws, almost anyone can file a complaint with the police alleging that you’re ‘dangerous.’ The ‘evidence’ could be practically anything, and totally bogus.

And when (not if, when) the judge agrees with this complaint, they will immediately order the confiscation of every firearm and every round of ammo that you own. And they’ll send a SWAT TEAM to your door to conduct the seizure!

But notice that nowhere in this process are you required to be charged — let alone convicted — of a crime.

This is what the Radical Left has wanted for a long time: the power to seize firearms from anyone they want through a bureaucratic process, with no need to convict us of a crime or follow the ‘due process’ rights that a court would ensure.

I would like to think that ‘Red Flag’ legislation would be dead on arrival here in Cheyenne. Because of the pressure of WYGO members, we’ve successfully crushed this bill for years.

But you and I both know that our legislative majorities in Cheyenne are stacked with anti-gun RINO Republicans.

And if we have a mass shooting during this legislative session, these RINOs WILL be pushing their caucus to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ — especially with Joe Biden flashing tens of millions of dollars in their face! 

That’s why we’re having legislation filed that would ban ‘Red Flag’ laws here in Wyoming. More than that, our legislation would ban the use of any federal money for the purpose of enforcing gun seizures here in Wyoming.

So if you think our top priority in 2023 needs to be banning both ‘Red Flag’ laws and the use of federal money to enforce them, please vote for OPTION #1 “Ban Red Flag Gun Seizures” on your ballot!

But before you do, remember that Wyoming Gun Owners is engaged in a massive Federal Lawsuit with the State of Wyoming and the outcome of this race will impact our gun rights for years to come.

Here’s a brief overview.

In 2020 WYGO members absolutely destroyed RINO swamp monsters in the August primary. Michael Von Flatern, Bill Pownall, Dan Kirkbride, and many others were kicked to the curb for supporting FIX-NICS mental health gun control.

It was a massive victory, and the remaining RINOs in Cheyenne knew that if they didn’t find a way to muzzle WYGO, we’d do this again and again.

So the RINO-run Chamber of Commerce filed a bogus complaint against WYGO, claiming that our educational efforts during the elections violated a newly minted campaign finance law.

Once the complaint was filed with Ed Buchanan (our recently departed Secretary of State) it was immediately leaked to the press in a pathetic attempt to embarrass WYGO.

WYGO’s lawyers reviewed the complaint, could see that it was meritless and reached out to Buchanan’s office, assuming they would be dismissing this complaint as it was baseless.

But Ed Buchanan doubled down, telling WYGO that we could surrender the names of our donors to satisfy the new campaign finance law, or pay a fine (aka his 1st Amendment Tax.)

We told Buchanan — and Attorney General Bridget Hill — to go to hell. We paid their fine to protect our donors, and, the next day, we filed suit against all of them in Federal Court.

As you may remember, earlier this year, the Federal Court judge in Casper ruled in our favor, saying that the state’s campaign finance laws were blatantly ‘unconstitutional’ — ruling that WYGO was immune to them.

Honestly, I was disappointed.

Of course, it was great to get the victory. But our goal was to see the entire code section gutted, so that everyone in Wyoming could enjoy the same 1st Amendment rights that the judge in the case granted to WYGO.

But, in their boundless arrogance, Buchanan and Hill appealed their defeat, giving us a chance for an even larger victory! In fact, WYGO’s case will be heard by the full 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver early this year. If we win, this entire law could be tossed in the trash can!

But first we need to win.

And for that, WYGO is counting on your continued support.

So if you think our top priority in 2023 needs to be overturning this law in court, please vote for OPTION #2 “FINISH THE FIGHT IN FEDERAL COURT” on your ballot!

At the same time, it’s high time that the legislature finally does away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ here in Wyoming once and for all!

While Wyoming enjoys Constitutional Carry and Stand-Your-Ground laws, those don’t do you any good if you are attacked in any one of the hundreds of state-mandated ‘Gun Free Zones’ that we have here in Wyoming!

Every government building here in Wyoming is off-limits to gun owners, as is the University of Wyoming’s campus (along with all of their satellite campuses.)  

Of course, these are EXACTLY the kind of locations that madmen love to attack. And why wouldn’t they? State law has made it easy for them to rack up a body count since they know that no one will be able to fight back in these areas!

This legislation has been blocked in the State Senate for several years by Senator Drew Perkin. But with Perkins kicked out of office by WYGO members earlier this year, 2023 may be our chance to get this done!

But while Perkins is gone, there are plenty of other RINOs who will do all they can to block this legislation. 

So if you think our top priority in 2023 needs to be fighting to repeal ‘Gun Free Zones,’ please vote for OPTION #3 “GET RID OF GUN FREE ZONES” on your ballot.

I’m sure you can see why I’m so torn.

This isn’t an either/or situation. We need ALL THREE of these wins on the books, and we need them right away!

But I have to be realistic. 

Right now, after the expensive election program that we just ran, I just don’t have the funds to run a full-scale program on two bills and fight in court at the same time.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please fill out your Wyoming Gun Owners Member Ballot and tell me where to focus the resources that we have.

Of course, when you do so, you’ll notice that I have included another option on your membership ballot — an option that we haven’t talked about yet because it’s just not possible without a major influx of funds.

But I’m not going to lie, this is the option I hope you will choose. That’s OPTION #4: “BAN RED-FLAG GUN SEIZURES, FINISH THE FIGHT IN COURT, GET RID OF DEADLY ‘GUN FREE ZONES! JUST FIGHT EVERYWHERE!”

Please note that if you select this option, I’m hoping that you’ll make a generous donation of $100 or even $250 to make sure that we have the resources we need to fight for both of these bills and fight in court.

I know that’s a lot. But 2023 is a great opportunity to secure freedoms that are badly needed, while blocking Joe Biden from using our cops to enforce his tyranny.

So if $100 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $50, $25, $17.76 at least $10?

The legislature is convening in just days, I need to hear from you as soon as possible.

Please fill out your Membership Ballot right away and consider your most generous donation today!

With the 2023 legislative session starting in just days, I need to make some very difficult decisions about where to focus our resources and our time this session.

There are multiple issues facing gun owners this year. But after the expensive 2022 elections, WYGO doesn’t have the cash we need to fight for them all at once.

I need to hear from you, right away.

Please fill out your Membership Ballot TODAY!

After you cast your vote, please consider a generous donation to help us fight for you this year