Wyoming: Polls Open in One Hour!

2022 Wyoming State Legislative Primary Voter Guide

The legislative candidates you choose today on the Wyoming Primary ballot, many of whom will go on victory in the November elections and represent us in Cheyenne, means more today than it ever has in our lives.

Because who gun owners pick will most likely determine the fate of gun bills that will have massive ramifications on Wyoming:

➜➜    Will massive policy gains like outlawing ‘Red Flag’ laws or fixing the Second Amendment Preservation Act be passed? Or will they be tossed in the trash?

➜➜    Will 2023 be the year that the RINOs and leftists in Wyoming storm all the way to victory and pass everything from FIX-NICS mental heath gun control, along with mandatory waiting periods on gun sales, and some form of ‘Red Flag’ law — or will gun owners once again rise up and curb stomp their agenda?

Those questions will be answered tomorrow, because those primaries will decide if we are going to have FIGHTERS for freedom or total gun grabbing RINOs in Cheyenne.

There’s a lot on the line in this election. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

To find out what legislative district you live in, click here.

Then read this email to find out if the candidates running to represent YOU in Cheyenne have filled out our Wyoming Gun Owners’ Candidate Questionnaire or not.

We asked each of the candidates a series of 10 questions regarding our gun rights. Our goal is to find out how they will vote on the top gun rights issues of the day, if elected. To see a copy of the questions that we asked each of the candidates, click here.

Candidates for State House of Representatives

NOTE: Only candidates who have completed our survey 100% pro-gun and who are in primary elections will be listed below. General election information will come out later this year.

Candidate House District
Ricky Coppinger 7 – VIDEO
Stephen Johnson 8
Landon Brown
Alan Sheldon
James McCollum 16
Karl Allred
Jon Conrad
Andrew Stocks
Justin “Bill” Winney 20
Jeremiah Hardesty 21
Nina Webber 24 – VIDEO
Troy Bray
Rex Rich
25 – VIDEO
Dalton Banks 26
Timothy Hallinan 32
Sarah Penn 33 – VIDEO
Lyle “Steve” Bray 37 – VIDEO
Ben Hornok 42 – VIDEO
Clayton Mills 43
Vladimir Allred 49 – VIDEO
Reuben Tarver 52
Bill Allemand 58 – VIDEO
John Gudger
Kevin O’Hearn
Jennifer James 60 – VIDEO
Don Odom 61
P. Stan Mitchem 62

Candidates for State Senate

NOTE: Only candidates who have completed our survey 100% pro-gun and who are in primary elections will be listed below. General election information will come out later this year.

Candidate  Senate District
Roger Connett
Bill Fortner
Martha Ertman 3 – VIDEO
Rachel Bennett
Jc Manalo
Tom James 13 – VIDEO
Bob Wharff 15 – VIDEO
Dan Laursen 19 – VIDEO
Robert “Bob” Ide 29 – VIDEO
Janet Marschner 31

Candidates for US Congress

Anthony Bouchard
Harriett Hageman

For our video on the Secretary of State race and why it matters so much to gun owners, click below!


If you see one of your candidates listed above out on the campaign trail, THANK THEM for being 100% pro-gun!

But, if a candidate in your district is not listed above and you see them out on the campaign trail, make sure you tell them to apologize to gun owners for refusing to answer the WYGO candidate survey.

Last, but not least, please share this information with all of your friends and family so they can make informed decisions!

And whatever you do, go VOTE PRO-GUN TODAY!


For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. With the Primary vote today, WYGO has produced this gun rights voter guide so that you know who supports the Second Amendment in your district! Take a moment to review this critical information and then share it with every gun owner you know!

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