WYGO is in Federal Court Right Now!

Moments ago, WYGO’s Aaron Dorr and our legal team walked into the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver!

As you’ll remember, after WYGO members decapitated the political careers of almost a dozen anti-gun Republicans in 2020, the RINOs in Cheyenne came after us!!

Former Secretary of State Ed Buchanan and current AG Bridgette Hill invoked a new campaign finance law and demanded that WYGO surrender a list of our donors.

Their intent was clear: they wanted to ‘cancel’ WYGO members by publishing your names and addresses on the state’s website!

We told Buchanan that we’d NEVER surrender our donors to the state…and ended up paying a big ‘First Amendment Tax’ to the State of Wyoming as a result.

The very next week, we sued Buchanan, Hill, and Gov. Gordon in Federal Court, alleging that Wyoming’s campaign finance law was blatantly unconstitutional.

And, last February, we won our case in Federal Court in Casper!

But the State of Wyoming appealed their defeat to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver.

So as you read this, WYGO and a fantastic team of lawyers from the  Institute for Free Speech are going head-to-head with the State of Wyoming in court!

This entire situation shows you just how terrified the RINOs in Cheyenne are of WYGO members…they’ll do anything to try to stop us.

But they lost at election time.

They lost when they tried to intimate us into surrendering our members’ names.

They lost in Federal Court in Casper.

And, with your help, we hope to crush them in the Circuit Court of Appeals, too!

Remember, if we win this case here, it doesn’t just protect gun owners here in Wyoming. It’s binding in Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah!

That’s why WYGO is counting on your continued support, so we can finish the fight in court!

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Thank you for standing with us in this fight. If we lose our 1st Amendment right to expose gun grabbers, our 2nd Amendment rights will follow suit!

We’ll update you on what happened today as soon as we can!

For Wyoming,


P.S. WYGO’s Aaron Dorr just walked into the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver, as we go head-to-head with the State of Wyoming over the state’s unconstitutional campaign finance law!

The RINOs in Cheyenne are desperately trying to muzzle WYGO, so they can vote against out gun rights with no consequences.

Help us keep fighting; donate to help us fight and win in court!


Thank you for standing with us!