White House: “states must lead the way on gun control.”

When gun owners like you and me think about gun control, images of Joe Biden, Obama or even Dianne Feinstein come to mind.

In other words, a lot of gun owners tend to think of gun-control as a federal issue, and that way of thinking isn’t totally wrong.

After all, we’ve been in the biggest fight against federal gun-control in American history ever since Joe Biden and Jill moved their crap into the White House

With the exception of Joe Biden’s “Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act” in the summer of 2022, gun owners have successfully put enough pressure on Congressional Republicans to block a majority of the Left’s gun-control agenda.

But defeat doesn’t stop the gun-grabbing Left, and there’s one simple reason why: they can’t complete their communist takeover of America as long as people like you and me own AR15’s.

That’s why Joe Biden’s ATF reclassified pistol braces as “short barrel rifles.”

That’s why Joe Biden’s ATF is trying to reclassify anyone who sells a firearm as a “firearms dealer,” which would force every private sale of a firearm in America to be logged in their government database.

That’s why Chuck Schumer last week tried to pass the “Assault Weapons” ban again — they’re not going to stop.

Sadly, the Commies are quickly figuring out that they have a major obstacle blocking their path to total tyranny: the individual states and their very powerful state legislatures.

Ever since Missouri passed the “Second Amendment Preservation Act” in 2021, Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice realized that the states have massive “veto” power against federal gun-control.

Under the 10th Amendment, states can pass laws that essentially say, “yeah, whatever Commies.

We’re a free state, and our law enforcement isn’t going to enforce your garbage here in our state so go pound sand.”

In other words, the Radical Left is waking up to what you and I already know, and why we started Wyoming Gun Owners in the first place.

Here’s the bad news:

On Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris huddled with Democrat legislators from thirty-nine states at the White House for the sole purpose of hammering out a plan to push a national gun-control agenda at the state legislative level.

That includes Wyoming.

But I always knew the fight would come to the state level. The fact is, I started Wyoming Gun Owners for exactly this purpose.

We’re gearing up to go to war against this incoming bombardment of gun-control, but I need you standing with us in 2024, if you haven’t already joined or renewed.

The reports from the event are bad.

Their state-level gun-control operation includes:

  • Model gun control legislation to shred our gun rights
  • Funding for “Community outreach” programs that will do nothing but churn out more gun control voters
  • Funding for state-level gun-control organizations

And everything will be run out of the White House’ new “Gun Violence Prevention Center.” 

My plan to defeat them starts with mobilizing over ten thousand gun owners like you to fight like hell right alongside of us in the year ahead, but I need you with us.

Are you in?

Thus Always to Tyrants,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

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