Video: What Happened to SAPA Law in Cheyenne?

The Second Amendment Preservation (SAPA) is on the move all over America, as Republican-led state legislatures work overtime to secure the Second Amendment freedoms of their citizens from Joe Biden and his war against freedom.

SAPA legislation works by requiring Wyoming peace officers to only enforce Wyoming law where our gun rights are concerned, meaning that federal gun control is simply unenforceable here.

Senator Anthony Bouchard and Representative Dan Laursen filed this legislation for WYGO and fought hard for it, but Senate Republicans ANNIHILATED SAPA legislation last week!

To find out what happened, who is responsible, and what taxpayer funded lobbyist is working to attack your gun rights in Cheyenne, watch our video report below. 

As you just heard, the anti-gun Democrats had nothing to do with this. This bill the most popular bill in ‘red’ states all over America right now, was destroyed by backstabbing Republicans! 

There is only one way for us to fight back, with session all but adjourned for the year, and that is to get ready to hold the politicians who voted for this amendment responsible.

WYGO members have a storied history of this and did a fantastic job of exposing gun-grabbers during the 2018 and 2020 primaries, most recently.

But this is like Whack-a-Mole, these anti-gun moderates keep coming up out of the ground and after our freedoms. As gun owners, we need to slam them back into the proverbial ground every time they stick their heads up!

Help us! 

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For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act was destroyed in the State Senate, and the Democrats had NOTHING to do with it.

To find out what happened and who is responsible, watch our video report here.