Video: Kamala Harris Wants to Overturn Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Violent crime is surging out of control, especially in Democratic-run cities where liberal prosecutors won’t put criminals in prison.

Now, more than ever, law-abiding citizens need the ability to defend themselves, especially when we’re out in public.

Of course, our clown of a Vice-President Kamala Harris thinks the opposite, recently telling a reporter that America needs to repeal Stand-Your-Ground laws at the state level! 

Watch Harris’s ridiculous statement here.

Her statement, predictably, has Democrats here in Cheyenne all fired up. They would love to gut Wyoming’s Stand-Your-Ground law!


If Harris and her allies repeal Stand-Your-Ground, then liberal prosecutors can put gun owners in prison for ‘crimes’ like defending themselves without retreating first.

And without Stand-Your-Ground law, gun owners would be sitting ducks for a civil suit brought against them by the same thug who attacked them on the street!

But remember, this is the same Vice President who was raising bail money for the violent thugs who were looting, shooting, and burning their way across Minneapolis during the summer of 2020!   

Harris and her allies would love nothing more than to repeal our Stand-Your-Ground law and the other 39 states that have it.

Don’t let that happen!


Wyoming Gun Owners fought for years to pass this critical legislation. But just because we were successful, doesn’t mean that the Left wouldn’t love to repeal it.

So if you’re not a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, I hope that after you’ve signed your petition you’ll join the fight to defend Stand-Your-Ground law in Cheyenne.

In the fight for gun rights, we’re either gaining ground or we’re losing ground. There is no neutral. Join the fight today!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners