Urgent: Republicans File Massive Gun Control Bill in D.C.!

Next to banning our AR-15’s, nothing is higher on Joe Biden’s list of gun control measures than ‘Universal Background Checks’.

We all know why.

This legislation bans the private sale of firearms in almost all cases and makes you and I felons for transferring firearms to our own children without government permission.

But that’s not all.

By requiring virtually all firearm sales to undergo a federal background check, Joe Biden will create what the Radical Left has always wanted: a list of every gun owner in America!

Afterall, the federal government can’t confiscate what they can’t find. And make no mistake, this government absolutely wants to be able to round up guns.

But these days, it’s not just Joe Biden and the Radical Left who are pushing for this legislation.

H.R. 715 was just filed in Congress. It bans all private firearm sales in America. And it was filed by a backstabbing RINO-Republican from Pennsylvania! 

While H.R. 715 is so new the final language has not been released yet, our sources on Capitol Hill tell us that it will do everything that Pelosi’s bill did last year, and more.

At a minimum you can expect H.R. 715 to:

  • Make it a felony to buy/sell any firearm without effectively registering that firearm with the federal government by submitting to an FBI background check.
  • Building a national database of gun owners, laying the foundation for an eventual gun confiscation program down the road whenever the Left has the votes.
  • Do absolutely nothing to stop armed criminals who will simply bypass this bogus law and continue to rob, rape, and murder law abiding citizens.

This legislation has nothing to do with stopping criminals. Almost every mass murderer of the last decade passed a background check or bypassed it by stealing a gun!

H.R. 715’s ONLY PURPOSE is to register you and me.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy has been an enemy to gun owners for a long time. But even he would be hard-pressed to move a national gun registry bill that was filed by Democrats.

That’s what makes this bill so dangerous.

Because H.R. 715 was filed by Republican Brian Fitzpatrick from Pennsylvania, if he was pushed hard, McCarthy could put this bill on the floor and claim he’s ‘limiting the damage.’

And in the wake of a school shooting (God forbid) that’s exactly what I would expect McCarthy to do.

The only way to stop this is for gun owners to GET LOUD and flood Congress with calls, emails, and petitions demanding that they VOTE NO on any form of national gun registry!

Wyoming Gun Owners will be rolling out a program to do exactly that, very soon.

But between fighting to ban Red Flags and our lawsuit with the State of Wyoming in Federal Court, we don’t have money laying around for this.

That’s why I hope you’ll make an immediate donation to help us get the word out about this bill using our texting programs, digital ads, direct mail, and more.

Please do what you can.

If the Biden White House — or ANY White House — is able to ban private party sales and create a national registry of gun owners, that only ends in disaster!

We can’t let that happen.

Stand with us today! 

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Joe Biden is working overtime to ban private party sales in America, giving him a national registry of every gun owner in the country — and turncoat RINO Brian Fitzpatrick is helping him!

We all know why Biden wants to register gun owners: it is to make it easier for the federal government to confiscate guns down the road, if they ever get the votes to pass that.

Fight back! Donate today and help us put pressure on Rep. Hageman to oppose this gun control bill that is being pushed by RINO-Republicans!