The 2023 Legislative Session Begins Today!

It’s go time in the fight for freedom!

The 2023 legislative session just kicked off here in Cheyenne and with it, our fight to defend and expand the Second Amendment is going into high gear!

Gun owners have accomplished a lot over the last few years, passing major gun rights legislation, winning battles in Federal Court, defeating Liz Cheney, and more.  

But given what we are facing, this session may be even bigger in terms of our right to keep and bear arms.

One of our primary focus this session must be finishing our fight before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, to make sure that WYGO is able to expose anti-gun RINOs in future election cycles.

As you’ll remember, we’ve already won Round 1 of this fight, in Federal Court in Casper last year. But the State of Wyoming has appealed their defeat, so we’re headed back to court over this.   

But that’s not all.

WYGO is also leading an offensive program to ban ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in our state!

Passing this bill would truly make Wyoming the best state in the nation for gun owners and our precious Second Amendment!

Throughout this legislative session, Wyoming Gun Owners will be giving you firsthand information and the action links you need to make your voice heard in Cheyenne.

I know that everyone is busy, and that’s why WYGO has developed an incredible ‘Gun Rights Action Center’ that allows you to contact your legislators with 1 click of your mouse.

And with session officially underway, it’s time to start hitting these links and making your voice heard! Please use the links below to take action on each of the fights I have laid out above.



This will be a major year in our fight to keep and bear arms. Most of the politicians in Cheyenne respond to one thing, and that’s pressure from their district.

Please help us pour on the pressure!


If you haven’t renewed your membership in Wyoming Gun Owners for 2023, please get signed up today!