State of Wyoming v. WYGO

After being forced to pay a fine to Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan to protect the names and addresses of the members of Wyoming Gun Owners, WYGO has taken our fight to federal court.

Now that our federal lawsuit has been filed, WYGO’s legal team has authorized me to show you the entire document! I’ve been waiting to do this for some time, and now we can! More on that in a moment.

But first, let’s remember how all of this started.

After WYGO members pummeled anti-gun Republicans in the primary elections last year, slicks lobbyists in the legislature filed a sham complaint against us for no other reason than political revenge.

The fact that we first heard about this ‘investigation’ from a reporter who had been tipped off about it in advance speaks volumes about the political motives behind this complaint.

Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, the very definition of ‘The Swamp’ who is reportedly considering a Congressional run yet this year, was all too quick to find WYGO at fault in his ‘investigation.’

Buchanan’s demands were ludicrous: for exposing the votes of anti-gun politicians and anti-gun candidates, WYGO was ordered to disclose a partial list of our donors or pay an outrageous fine.

WYGO will also defend our members interests in the legislature, as well as defend your right to privacy. Consequently, we paid Ed Buchanan’s 1st Amendment Tax to protect our members’ names and addresses.

The power brokers in Cheyenne all thought that WYGO would take a beating, pay the fine, and crawl away licking our wounds. But that didn’t happen. Instead, we assembled a kick ass legal team and are now in Federal Court asking a judge to strike down’s Wyoming’s unconstitutional Campaign Finance Law!  


 Frankly, we didn’t have any choice.

If the State of Wyoming is allowed to FORCE organizations like Wyoming Gun Owners to divulge the names, addresses and donation amounts of our members — it would END our ability to fight for the

Second Amendment at election time!

If that happens, the legislature would no longer be terrified of WYGO and would immediately move to advance the FIX-NICS and 3-Day waiting period on handgun purchases that we have been holding at bay for years.

That’s why it’s critical that WYGO gets prepared to take this legal fight all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary! So please review the lawsuit and then make a massive donation to help us FIGHT!

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WYGO has already spent thousands of dollars in legal fees dealing with Ed Buchanan’s attack on us. And we don’t know how high and how far this case is going to go.

But we can’t let these arrogant elites silence us! We must fight back! Make a donation NOW!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Now that our federal lawsuit has been filed, WYGO members are able to read it and I hope that you will. When you’re done, please make a donation to help us maintain this legal battle!


Don’t let these power-hungry tyrants muzzle Wyoming’s loudest voice for freedom! Stand with us NOW!