Gun Control Hearings Happening NOW!

As I write this, Wyoming Gun Owners staff are representing YOU at a major gun control hearing in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on “Red Flag Gun Confiscation” legislation.

Here are the details:

Communist tyrant Jerry Nadler is fighting tooth and nail to pass H.R. 2377, a Red Flag funding bill that would bribe states across the country to pass laws that allow your firearms to be seized by government agents simply because someone made the claim that you’re dangerous!

An ex-spouse, a neighbor that you had a tiff with or the mailman who delivered “too many” boxes from the gun store etc, could destroy your life if these laws are passed and that’s exactly what Nadler, Pelosi and Biden want.

And the hearing on this legislation is happening RIGHT NOW in D.C.!

Please get engaged in this fight by adding your name in OPPOSITION to Nadler’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill right away

We have GOT to stop this bill from passing.

You see, Joe Biden has made a massive debacle of his “presidency”, and everyone knows it – including the Democrats who control Congress.

They’re actively looking for ANY bone that they can throw to their Commie supporters, like Michael Bloomberg’s organizations, who spent hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars installing their puppet in D.C.

And as we’ve already mentioned, DOZENS of fake Republicans in D.C. have already sponsored, co-sponsored or voted for “Red Flag Gun Confiscations” in the recent past, so we need to make sure that nobody in D.C. thinks they can ram this into law without paying the price at election time!

It would be a mistake to underestimate the severity of this threat.

While the passage of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ would be a massive loss for gun owners like you and me, it’s only a stepping-stone for the radical left who wants to use the passage of this bill to build momentum for their ultimate goal of disarming every gun owner in America!

THE VERY MINUTE they pass ‘Red Flags,’ they would move right on to the rest of their agenda.

So sign your special petition demanding your Congress member do their job and stop this tyranny from becoming law

A lot of organizations talk a good game about “fighting” for the Second Amendment, but WYGO puts our boots on the ground and go TO the enemies of freedom to make sure they know exactly what patriots think of them and their tyranny.

If you want to fund this type of activism against the enemies of freedom and be a part of this fight, we need the help now more than ever.

So please sign your petition against H.R. 2377, and then make a donation to help Wyoming Gun Owners get the word out about this bill to as many gun owners as possible.

Whether you can afford $500, $50, or just $5, please make a donation today so that we can FIGHT LIKE HELL against this attack on our right to defend ourselves

Then stay tuned for video updates from Capitol Hill coming soon!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Gun control hearings are happening RIGHT NOW in the House Judiciary Committee in D.C. and our staff are on the ground doing everything possible to shut down H.R. 2377, Red Flag Gun Confiscation laws!

This bill would fund the annihilation of due process and allow the confiscation of millions of firearms nationwide if passed.

Help us STOP Jerry Nadler from passing H.R. 2377 by signing your petition in OPPOSITION now!

When you’re done, please make a contribution of any amount NOW to help our team accomplish our mission in D.C. Whether that’s $500, $50 or $5, this is the time