Chipman Vote This Thursday!

David Chipman, the power-hungry ghoul who Joe Biden has nominated to run the scandal-ridden ATF, is scheduled to receive a committee vote on THURSDAY!

Chipman was supposed to have been voted on in the Judiciary Committee last week, but his nomination was pulled for a week as gun owners pummeled Congress with calls and emails against him.

The gun grabbers hope that delaying this vote for a week will allow the pressure to fade away. Instead, we are using this time to INCREASE the pressure on the Senate!

DEFEAT David Chipman!

Gun grabbers in D.C. are nervous about this vote.

Chipman is a nutjob, and everyone knows it. He wants to unleash ATF SWAT teams on as many gun owners as possible for ‘crimes’ like owning an AR-15 or a magazine that holds over 10 rounds.

So don’t let up. Email and call Senators Barrasso and Lummis every single day until the Left pulls Chipman’s nomination, or until it goes on to the full Senate.

There are two easy ways to contact Barrasso and Lummis.

>>> Send them this PRE-WRITTEN email right away!

 >>> Call them at (202)224-3121

Call them, email them, and then forward this email to every gun owner you know and have them take action right away!

And then I hope you’ll make a quick donation to Wyoming Gun Owners, so we can keep sounding the alarm on Chipman and how dangerous it would be to have him lead the ATF.

Chipman is a madman who wants to attack law-abiding gun owners across the country, something he’s done for his entire adult life working for the ATF and Everytown for Gun Safety.

But pressure is mounting in D.C. Don’t let up. Take action NOW!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners 

P.S. David Chipman’s nomination to lead the ATF was delayed last week, as nervous Senate Democrats are trying to decide just how far they want to take David Chipman’s nomination as the director of ATF.

Chipman is a power-hungry tyrant who MUST BE STOPPED!

Send your email to Senators Barrasso and Lummis NOW, and then follow up with an immediate phone call to 202-224-3121 and tell them to publicly oppose David Chipman and FIGHT for gun owners!

DEFEAT David Chipman!

Then donate, so Wyoming Gun Owners can keep leading the charge against Chipman’s nomination!