Biden’s Plan on Guns!

Joe Biden and his America-hating handlers in Washington have been waiting for the chance to take a sledgehammer to our right to keep and bear arms for decades, and they aren’t wasting any time.

Hundreds of gun control bills have been filed in Congress since session began in early January, each one of them designed to weaken or destroy the Second Amendment. But there are three bills that Biden and Pelosi are going ‘all in’ on — and I need your help to stop them!

So please read this urgent update for the very latest from Capitol Hill, and then sign the petition that we have prepared for you, telling your Senators and Congresswoman Cheney to oppose Biden’s gun control agenda, or you’ll find someone who will.

Before you do that, please understand what’s going on in Washington, D.C. right now.

The city is on lockdown. Nancy Pelosi has erected an 8’ tall fence — complete with razor wire — in a three block radius around the entire Capitol Complex. No one is allowed inside the building unless you’re a member of Congress or work there.

Honestly, the way D.C. looks and feels right now, you may think that you just stepped off a plane, into a communist dictatorship!

This is exactly what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want: the ability to launch wave after wave of attacks against your gun rights, without the public being there to hold them accountable.

And while some Republicans in Congress — like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene — are doing everything in their power to stop the gun control bills that are moving right now, a growing number of Republicans are betraying gun owners, and voting with Nancy Pelosi!

Worse, there is growing, bi-partisan support in D.C. for Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in the Senate!

If gun owners are going to defeat Joe Biden’s war on the Second Amendment, it’s clear that gun owners need to stand tall and fight like hell, because no political party is going to do it for us.
And while there are many bills that the radical left wants to pass into law over the next two years, the three bills at the

absolute top of their list are:

>>> H.R. 8/S. 529, Michael Bloomberg’s signature legislation, which criminalizes all private firearms sales and creates a national registry of every gun owner in America!

 Of course, anti-gun politicians like Pelosi want you to believe that passing this legislation would stop violent criminals. But that’s ridiculous as criminals would simply ignore this law like they do every other law on the books.

The real purpose behind H.R. 8 is to lay the framework for future gun confiscation, by building a list of every gun owner in America and to make felons out of gun owners for ‘crimes’ like letting a friend borrow a handgun to try it out at the gun range.

>>> S. 736/H.R. 1808, Dianne Feinstein’s lifelong dream, which would make you a felon for life for buying any one of over TWO HUNDRED different styles of semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns!

 The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America today. It’s easily handled, holds plenty of ammunition, accepts a wide array of optics, and can be customized any way you want which makes it the perfect rifle for stopping criminals and tyrants alike!

Feinstein and Biden are committed to banning these rifles, because they know that as long as the American people own modern firearms like these, they will never be able to be subjugated by tyrannical politicians who want to rule over them by force.

>>> S. 292, a bi-partisan ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ bill that has already been co-sponsored by Republicans, Democrats, and Independents in the U.S. Senate!

This legislation bribes state legislatures around the country with taxpayer-funded incentives if they pass ‘Red Flag’ laws which allow a judge to order your firearms seized before you’ve been charged or convicted of anything!

Perhaps worse, the hearing that determines whether or not your guns will be seized happens in secret, meaning the first time you would hear about it is when the cops are at your door with a firearms seizure order!

While Nancy Pelosi and the radical left are trying to sell this tyranny as a way to lower violent crime rates (while trying to defund the police at the same time) you and I both know that these bills won’t stop a single criminal bent on carrying out violent crimes.

But the truth is that these bills were never intended to stop violent crime in the first place.

The radical left is hoping to use these bills to crush the Second Amendment in America, and break the spirts of almost 100 million gun owners who are standing between them and their goal of turning this great nation into a socialist hellhole!

That’s the bad news.

WYGO’s Chris Dorr (L) and Aaron Dorr (R) with Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene,
working to defeat Joe Biden’s war against law-abiding gun owners.

The good news is that, here in Wyoming, Wyoming Gun Owners is fighting back with everything we’ve got, making sure that Senators Barrasso and Lummis know that gun owners expect them to BOLDLY stand up and fight back against every piece of Biden’s agenda!

And we’re not doing it alone, either.

Wyoming Gun Owners is working with some of the most ferociously pro-gun members of Congress, like Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, to sound the alarm on the gun control bills that are being filed left and right in Congress! 

But besides pouring pressure on Senators Barrasso and Lummis, WYGO is also making sure that Liz Cheney hears from gun owners, too!

You see, it’s not just radical leftists who are attacking our gun rights. Almost a DOZEN Republicans voted for H.R. 8 in the House, and almost TWO DOZEN Republicans in the Senate voted to confirm Merrick Garland last month — the most anti-gun Attorney General in American history!

So to crank up the heat on the radical left AND those on the right who are thinking about betraying gun owners when these bills come up for the next vote, Wyoming Gun Owners is:

1.) Unleashing hard-hitting digital and social media ads; that allow gun owners to get the facts while making it easy for them to share the ads with other gun owners online.

2.) Utilizing our massive email and direct mail programs to mobilize every gun owner in these and other targeted states; while it may seem ‘old fashioned,’ ‘Big Tech’ can’t censor these programs, allowing us to get critical information into the hands of gun owners across the state. 

3.) Preparing targeted radio and possibly TV ad campaigns that we can roll out the moment that floor votes are announced; while it is expensive, nothing activates large numbers of gun owners quicker than a BIG radio and TV advertising blitz.

Every part of this program is designed for one purpose: to inundate Wyoming’s Congressional delegation with calls and emails from gun owners across the state, telling them that if they don’t oppose Biden’s gun control, they better start looking for a new job!

Help us fight back, sign your petition NOW!
This is how we stop Joe Biden and save our gun rights: by reminding the weak-kneed Republicans and the radical left that gun owners will crush them at the ballot box if they vote to take away one piece of our Second Amendment freedoms!

But running a program like this is not cheap, with so many different media markets that we need to cover.

That’s why I hope that when you complete your petition, you’ll also include a generous donation so that Wyoming Gun Owners can continue to FIGHT FOR YOU and save our freedoms!

I don’t know what you can afford. Some of you may be able to include a gift of $100 or even $250 to help us mobilize tens of thousands of gun owners to this fight.

For others, I know that $75 $50 or even $25 is a real sacrifice.

The amount you choose to send is entirely up to you. I just hope that you will send what you can — along with your petitions — right away, so that we can hold the line against this tyranny!   

Our Founding Fathers fought and died to carve out a nation where the people would always have the right to keep and bear arms, as a final check on an out-of-control government.

They knew that if we ever lost the right to defend ourselves, this great nation would plunge into lawlessness and tyranny. As gun owners, we are facing a larger threat now than at any time in decades, and our great-grandchildren are counting on you and me to stand up and defend their freedom now, as our forefathers did for us.

Wyoming Gun Owners is working every day to ensure that freedom’s light doesn’t go dark in America on our watch — please continue to stand with us!

Please take action NOW!                                

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Joe Biden and the socialists in Congress are coming after your gun rights with everything they have this year. Their goal is to DESTROY our Second Amendment freedoms once and for all!

Wyoming Gun Owners is fighting back, pouring grassroots pressure onto Senators Barrasso and Lummis (as well as Congresswoman Cheney,) through digital ads, uncensorable direct mail, and radio and TV ads if needed!

Please sign the petition that we have prepared for you right away, telling Wyoming’s Congressional delegation to hold the line against Joe Biden’s war on gun owners, and hold the line for freedom!  

And please also make a donation today, to help us keep the pressure on in Congress! If we all stand together, we can save our Second Amendment for the next generation!