VIDEO Update on Ed Buchanan’s Attack on WYGO

As you know, Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Buchanan and other state agencies have been coming after WYGO for almost nine months now, after our members threw anti-gun Republicans to the curb in last year’s primary and general elections.

Buchanan (along with AG Bridget Hill) gave WYGO an ultimatum: give him WYGO’s membership list or face fines for the ‘crime’ of exercising our right of free speech at election time.

While this sounds like something that would happen in New York State or Oregon, this garbage is happening right here in Wyoming from our very own ‘pro-gun’ Secretary of State!

For a detailed update on this ongoing situation and the steps that WYGO has taken to ensure our donors’ privacy, please watch our video update below.

As you just heard, WYGO has paid Ed Buchanan’s 1st Amendment tax to ensure our donors’ names and addresses are not made public. But I hope that you’ll help us recoup this ridiculous tax of $500 so that WYGO can continue FIGHTING HARD for you!

Help WYGO come back strong — make a donation NOW!

If Ed Buchanan can bastardize the 1st Amendment like this and fine organizations like WYGO, eventually he’ll mute our ability to fight for the Second Amendment.

And that’s EXACTLY what he’s trying to do!

So please make a donation today of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford now — and send a message to Ed Buchanan and the Cheyenne lobbyists who are pulling his strings!

And please also forward this email/video to every gun owner you know and urge them to stand up along of Wyoming Gun Owners as we all fight to defend our Second Amendment!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. There’s a lot going on right now in the fight to defend the 2nd AND 1ST Amendment here in Wyoming.

That’s why we’ve produced this video report, so you can learn all about the 1st Amendment Tax that Secretary of State Ed Buchanan is imposing on WYGO on behalf of powerful moderates in Cheyenne!

Then please make a donation TODAY, to help us recoup this $500 fine, and send a message to the establishment that WYGO will NEVER stop fighting for freedom here in Wyoming!