⚠️⚠️ Biden is Trying to Bribe Wyoming to Pass Red Flags Laws…

As we’ve told you recently, the State of Wyoming has recently received over half a million dollars from the Biden DOJ through a program designed to fund the implementation of ‘Red Flag’ laws!

Of course, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ allow liberal judges to order the confiscations of your guns before you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything!

Many of you have questions.

How much money did Wyoming receive?

What federal program did this come from?

Is this a one-time deal, or will Biden tempt Wyoming with more?

To answer these questions (and several additional questions) we’ve produced a video update that I hope you’ll watch. While you’re watching it, please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

The only thing that virtually all politicians have in common is an inability to refuse ‘free’ money from the government.

This initial payment is just the start. If we don’t push back hard, more moderate members of the legislature will begin to push for the passage of ‘Red Flag’ laws in exchange for millions!

Help us stop this! Sign your petition telling your State Senator and State Representative to oppose any form of ‘Red Flag’ laws.


There’s more at stake than just stopping ‘Red Flags’ here in Wyoming. If one more ‘red’ state adopts these, Biden will use that in state capitols across the country as momentum.

We must hold the line.

Please sign your petition and then make a donation to help us fight back against this legislation!

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Please take a moment to forward this email/video to every gun owner you know and urge them to join the fight for freedom!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners