Wyoming Becomes the 36th Stand-Your-Ground State!

‘There is not a doubt in my mind that Stand-Your-Ground law ONLY became law here in Wyoming because of the relentless pressure of Wyoming Gun Owners members!’ That’s what one lawmaker told me last night as the word came down that Governor Mead was taking no action on H.B. 168 — meaning that at 12:01am this morning our fight to pass Stand-Your-Ground law was victorious! This means no more having

Urge Governor Mead to Sign Stand-Your-Ground Into Law!

Thanks to all of your help, Stand-Your-Ground law has been passed by the Wyoming legislature this morning, and is now on Governor Mead’s desk awaiting his decision! But this is no time to sit back and relax. Powerful anti-gun organizations and lobbyists are, undoubtedly, urging the Governor to veto this bill! We saw this last year, with our bill to end deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ in Government buildings — the