Wyoming State Senator Larry Hicks

While Missouri and other states took action this year and passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act, ensuring that federal gun control laws would not be enforced in these states, Wyoming did not.

On the contrary, WYGO’s SAPA legislation was destroyed by a cabal of smug moderates in the State Senate.

But these moderates aren’t stupid. They aren’t going to simply vote down a pro-gun bill, not after the beating their colleagues took during the 2020 primary election cycle.

Instead, State Senator Larry Hicks, a member of the Senate leadership team, destroyed the Second Amendment Preservation Act in such a way that he could claim to be fighting for SAPA, while doing the exact opposite.

How does that work?

Watch our video update on State Senator Larry Hicks to learn more about how devious the moderates in Cheyenne are, and the lengths they’ll go to to undermine your right to keep and bear arms!

Do you see how twisted, how sick you need to be to do that to a bill as badly needed as the Second Amendment Preservation Act –only to then tell gun owners that you ‘have always fought for them?’

This is why WYGO needs your support as we fight for SAPA legislation next year. Because with moderates like Larry Hicks running the Senate, it’s going to be a fight!

So help us crank up the heat for SAPA legislation, by:

>>> Becoming a member of Wyoming Gun Owners immediately, so that we have the ammo we need to fight hard in Cheyenne! If you’re already a member, you can make a special donation here.

>>> Signing your OFFICIAL PETITION in support of SAPA legislation, telling the politicians in Cheyenne that you demand action on this bill next session!

>>> Sharing this video to every gun owner you know, to make sure that gun owners know how the moderates in the legislature are undermining our Second Amendment freedoms.

Joe Biden’s first wave of Executive Orders are already in the implementation phase, so there’s no time to waste. Please take action right away and help us crank up the heat for SAPA legislation!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. State Senator Larry Hicks destroyed the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) last session, and now he’s busy trying to fool gun owners into thinking that he’s a gun rights leader.

Learn the truth about Larry Hicks and how the moderates are working against gun owners in Cheyenne, by watching our video report here!