Massive WYGO Victory in Federal Court!

Eighteen months ago, I received a phone call from a reporter with the Riverton Ranger asking me for a comment on the ethics charge that was filed against Wyoming Gun Owners.

When I called the Secretary of State’s office to ask what was going on, they were shocked that I already knew about this sham investigation, saying that they hadn’t told anyone about it.

Immediately WYGO connected the dots.

This was a coordinated effort to destroy Wyoming Gun Owners after the massive election victories that gun owners achieved during the primary — and it was leaked to the press intentionally.

Secretary of State Ed Buchanan’s demand was simple: either you must surrender a list of Wyoming Gun Owners donors to me or pay a fine for the privilege of exercising your 1st Amendment rights.

WYGO didn’t like those options. We don’t like tyrants. We don’t like bullies. We don’t like a legislature that thinks they can limit our First Amendment freedoms. And we don’t like a corrupt media establishment that provides cover for all of it.

So we chose option number three, which was saddling up with the most aggressive 1st Amendment law firm in Washington, D.C. (the Institute for Free Speech) and taking Ed Buchanan (along with Attorney General Bridget Hill) into Federal Court!

Two weeks ago, we were in Casper for oral arguments on this case. And just last night the judge issued his decision. He held that Wyoming’s campaign finance law VIOLATES THE FIRST AMENDMENT and is not applicable to Wyoming Gun Owners!

To break down this historic victory and what it means for WYGO going into the 2022 primary and general election season, please watch this video report that we prepared for you.

As we’ve said all along, this federal court challenge was about much more than gun rights. It was about the right of ‘We the People’ to talk about our government without having to add our name to a government list where we could get doxed!

So while this is WYGO’s victory, everyone in Wyoming wins because of this court order.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the incredible members of Wyoming Gun Owners who flooded us with the cash we needed early on, to fight back in court.

No one thought WYGO would fight back. But the politicians in Cheyenne have no idea how much WYGO members care about freedom, or how much they despise arrogant government officials. But while I’m not surprised at your generosity, I’m profoundly thankful for it.   

The Institute for Free Speech (IFS) in Washington, D.C. deserves a huge thank you from Wyoming Gun Owners, as well.

Senior IFS lawyer Del Kolde fought like hell for this case over the last 15 months and never gave up. WYGO’s counsel, Stephen Klein, who has repeatedly sued and won against the State of Wyoming also provided invaluable assistance in this case.

The fight for freedom doesn’t rest, especially in a state that is crawling with Republicans who constantly fight against our gun rights.

But with this lawsuit behind us, WYGO will be free to engage in our favorite sport: exposing anti-gun politicians during the primary and general elections!

So if you’re not yet a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, now is the time to get involved and join this fight. You can do so here!


If you are already a member, feel free to make a donation right now to celebrate this incredible victory and to help us get ready to expose gun-grabbers during the August primary!


Thank you, again, for your support of Wyoming Gun Owners during this time. Ed Buchanan thought he could put a muzzle on Wyoming Gun Owners as a favor to his political friends in Cheyenne. With your help, we proved him wrong.

On to the elections!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. After a year and a half, Wyoming Gun Owners was finally vindicated in Federal Court this week, as a judge ruled that Wyoming’s campaign finance laws are a violation of the 1st Amendment.

This is a massive victory for the 1st Amendment, the 2nd Amendment, and the right of ‘We the People’ to hold elected officials accountable!

Watch our video recap, breaking down this victory.

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