200 More Agents to Enforce Biden’s Gun Control!

With every passing day, the radical socialists that run our country become the very tyrants our Founders warned us about.

You’ve already heard all about madman David Chipman, a life-long gun control shill and Joe Biden’s pick to head the ATF.

And you already know that Chipman is gunning to weaponize the ATF against every-day Americans, with the goal of unleashing ATF SWAT teams against innocent gun owners.

But the left knows that Chipman’s nomination is in tatters, and that’s why they are moving fast to ensure that even if Chipman’s nomination fails, the ATF has the manpower they need to attack gun owners!

That’s why Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee is leading an effort to pass H.R. 121, legislation that would create a brand new, 200-man unit in the ATF to enforce Biden’s Executive Actions that target gun owners!

Oppose H.R. 121 NOW!

Every gun owner in the country knows that the ATF has a long history of attacking our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, not to mention giving thousands of guns to the Mexican drug cartel under the now disgraced Fast and Furious operation.

The truth is that the ATF is no longer a law enforcement organization, but a political arm of the Democratic National Committee, focused on terrorizing law-abiding gun owners.

(That’s why pro-gun Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has introduced legislation for us that would defund the ATF entirely.)

But if Congresswoman Lee has her way, the size of the ATF will grow explosively, and whether or not David Chipman is confirmed, Joe Biden will have all of the manpower he needs to unleash the ATF on innocent gun owners.

You see, we’re fighting a whole new kind of enemy these days in D.C. and right here in Cheyenne.

These radical leftists don’t just want to modify the Second Amendment. They want to obliterate it, using our tax dollars to do it! That’s exactly what this bill is designed to do.  

Please take action today by SIGNING the official petition that we have prepared for you, reminding Senators John Barrasso and Cynthia Lummis (and your Congressman) to do their job and to stand up and fight for the Second Amendment!


Our sources on Capitol Hill tell us this is just one of the bills that could get amended on to one of Biden’s ‘Infrastructure’ bills in the near future, so please show your opposition to this garbage legislation by signing now.

When you’re done, please make a generous donation of any amount to help Wyoming Gun Owners hold the line for our Second Amendment here in Cheyenne and in Washington, D.C.

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee is pushing new legislation that would create a new 200-man gun control task force unit inside of the ATF, to enforce Joe Biden’s Executive Actions against the Second Amendment!

The ‘law enforcement agency’ is rapidly becoming nothing more than the secret police that 20th century dictators used to attack political opposition at their whim.

So sign your petition against H.R. 121 right now!


When you’re done, please make a generous donation to Wyoming Gun Owners, so we can continue fighting for the Second Amendment!

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