You won – NRA reveals real stripes

Wow! What a way to start a week, snow clogging up I-80 delaying travel to the interim committee meeting in Rawlins. Just getting to the pavement from my snow drift covered gravel road became an obstacle. Fortunately by 4:30 pm Monday I was on the road to Rawlins for the meeting that was rescheduled for Tuesday. And here’s the Good News. Yesterday you WON in a serious gun control skirmish… As opposition was building in the committee room — I watched as the Interim Committee Chairman tabled Enhanced Background Checks, otherwise called FixNICS. This ONLY happened because of one simple reason. Without informed gun owners like you, the lobbyists and lawmakers that push for gun control may have ‘had their way’ in Rawlins. Of course this dangerous legislation originally introduced by Senator Fred Emerich— may likely re-emerge during the next general session. Here’s what happened in Rawlins Tuesday May 13th: As I have been telling you all along, the Newtown Connecticut based National Sports Shooting Foundation (NSSF) is pushing Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Registration scheme here in Wyoming. NICS Gun Registration Scheme Dave Picard, a Wyoming based “lobbyist for hire”, testified on how badly this legislation was needed — and that with it the National Instant Check System (NICS) & previous federal gun control acts could be finally fixed. And guess who was ‘flown in’ special for the gun control party?

NRA Lobbyist Dakota Moore (closest) and NSSF Lobbyist Dave Picard in Rawlins WY testifying in favor of background check expansion

NRA Lobbyist Dakota Moore (closest) and NSSF Lobbyist Dave Picard in Rawlins WY testifying  in favor of background check expansion

No other than the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) own lobbyist, Dakota Moore. But the NRA was not here in Wyoming to testify against gun control. Instead just the opposite — the NRA sat at the table with Dave Picard — and in FULL SUPPORT of “Enhancing Background Checks”. The bill draft in question is 2014-SF111, which in the NSSF’s own words, “SF111 was our FixNICS legislation”. I truly hate being the bearer of such bad news, but I have witnessed firsthand on several occasions — just how the NRA underhandedly works with Gun-Grabbers. This is how the NRA rolls: Let’s start with Wyoming Republican Sen. Fred Emerich who was handed an “A Rating” by the NRA in 2010. Please note that during the same time frame, Emerich REFUSED to answer WyGO’s gun rights survey. Then after being elected and safely in the seat of power and during Senator Emerich’s first term in 2011, he voted against WyGO’s flagship legislation restoring the rights of Wyomingites to carry concealed without a permit. During the entire 2011 legislative session Senator Emerich’s intentions were clear — whether as a committee member, or on the floor, Emerich voted with the gun control crowd every single time. The fact that the NRA is now pushing a bill with Gun Grabber Fred Emerich is sooooo telling. As I have stated in previous alerts – the NSSF’s ‘’ website is strikingly similar to Bloomberg’s ‘’ gun-control website. ________________________________________ NRA pushing gun control with the NSSF? Click the following links and see for yourself. NSSF – FixNICS vs. Bloomberg’s Fatal Gaps ________________________________________ The hard truth is this: The NRA is aligned with Bloomberg’s push for gun control! Read the NRA’s letter here Read the NSSF’s letter here Like Wolves in Sheep’s clothing — these dangerous NRA alliances have dominated the field in so many states. See the latest NSSF report here And then there’s this: A Capitol insider tells me that Dakota Moore, the NRA’s lobbyist stated the following- “we [the NRA] don’t work the same way that they [WyGO} do.” Well, at least there’s one thing the NRA lobbyist gets right… From the very founding of WyGO I have held that as Wyoming’s premier gun rights organization, we will NOT compromise, we will NOT accept breadcrumbs, and we will NOT get on our knees and kiss anyone’s boots. Please review the above links provided so you too can help inform others about the NRA’s actions — while raising millions of dollars on the premise of defending gun rights, the NRA is pushing Bloomberg’s gun registration scheme. Like you I take the promise of ‘transformational change’ seriously… Kathleen “ObamaCare” Sebelius while promulgating regulations to waive all of your privacy protections and urge healthcare professionals to report you to the FBI, Sebelius said the following: “There is a strong public safety need for this information to be accessible to the NICS, and some states are currently under-reporting or not reporting certain information to the NICS at all.” It’s just like a gun control choir lined up and singing the same song… So if you haven’t done so already, please consider contributing as generously as you can, to Wyoming Gun Owners, maybe $150, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford, even just $5 — so WyGO can continue on its No-Compromise mission to protect and defend the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Wyoming. Once again congratulations to you, and let me say this, I am proud to stand with the many No-Compromise members and supporters of WyGO.   To Liberty, Anthony Bouchard Vice President Wyoming Gun Owners   P.S. Bloomberg’s lapdogs: The Newtown Connecticut based — National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) along with the NRA were caught red handed pushing a gun registration scheme here in Wyoming. The good news is: We beat them back this time, but please consider a generous donation of $150, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford — so WyGO can continue to stave off the Gun Grabber’s assaults in Wyoming.