Wyoming’s Chance to Repeal Gun Free Zones!

I still remember the anger I felt when I got the call in late March of last year, when Governor Mead told our bill sponsor that he was going to veto HB137.

This was our bill to repeal so-called ‘Gun Free Zones’ that are in effect in so many public buildings and campuses throughout the state.

Thanks to all of your calls and emails, the legislature passed the bill and put it on the Governor’s desk — only to have him kill the bill.

All of that work, for nothing.

Between that and his refusal to sign Stand-Your-Ground legislation earlier this year, having Matt Mead move out of the Governor’s mansion will be no loss to gun owners.

On the contrary, with incoming Governor Mark Gordon’s public promise to sign this bill into law, 2019 presents the best chance that we have had to pass this bill in years!

That’s why I need you to sign your petition in support of this legislation, to make sure your lawmaker knows where you stand. More on that below.

We all know that far from stopping violent killers, so-called ‘Gun Free Zones’ are their number one target.

Consider the following examples:

In February this year, Nikolas Cruz walked into the Parkland, FL high school — a ‘Gun Free Zone’ –- where he shot and killed 17 people and wounded 17 more.

Just 13 months ago, a madman stormed into a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas –- a ‘Gun Free Zone’ — and killed as 26 innocent people while wounding 20 more.

And just 14 months ago, a crazed madman opened fire on an outdoor musical theatre — a ‘Gun Free Zone’ — and killed 58 people before wounding a  staggering 422 more!

Over 100 people murdered in ‘Gun Free Zones’ in just over a year!

In fact, a recent study showed that almost 1,000 people have been murdered or wounded in these areas in the last decade alone.

I don’t want to read about a tragedy like this playing out here in Wyoming, and that’s why we need to see this legislation become law in 2019.

Please help us by signing your petition in support of this legislation right away

Passing this bill will not be easy.

It should have been easy to pass Stand-Your-Ground law, and as you remember, it was anything but.

The media will oppose us, UW lobbyists will oppose us, moderates in both chambers will oppose us, and the Bloomberg lobbyists who work in Cheyenne will, too!

The good news is that with a new Governor, our chances of passing this bill into law are dramatically higher than they were before.

But we won’t be able to pass this bill through the House and Senate without significant grassroots support!

It was an overwhelming amount of YOUR calls and YOUR emails and YOUR petitions that made the House leadership advance Stand-Your-Ground law.

It was an overwhelming amount of YOUR calls and YOUR emails and YOUR petitions that forced this bill through the Senate, including our amendment to clean up the bill after they weakened it.

And it was an overwhelming amount of YOUR calls and YOUR emails and YOUR petitions that kept Governor Mead from vetoing the bill — something he was very close to doing!
We need to crank up that heat again, right now.

So please sign your petition in support of this badly needed legislation right away

And when you’re done, please consider your possible financial support, too.

Afterall, we are not able to mobilize large amounts of gun owners on hopes and dreams alone.

Truth be told, we spent a small fortune fighting for Stand-Your-Ground law and exposing bad candidates in the primaries.

But we had to, and it worked.

We’ll have to be ready to fight hard again, in January, and for that we need your support.

So if you have not yet renewed your WYGO membership for 2019, please do so at once!

For a Liberty Level membership ($35,) please go here.

For a Freedom or Patriot Level membership ($75, $125) with various swag options, please go here.

For a lifetime membership which now comes with payment plans, please go here.

If you have already renewed for the year, thank you! But please consider a special contribution to help us in this fight!

This is our chance to send a message to gun-grabbers and the media that we will not let Wyoming turn into the next Colorado without a fight!

Many ‘red states’ are conceding the fight after recent mass shootings and allowing harmful gun control bills to pass.

Once that starts, it’s all but impossible to stop -– which is why we need to draw a line in the sand right here!

I don’t know what you can afford to give.

Some have already given $500 to offset major portions of this program. For others, I know that $10 is a real sacrifice.

No matter what, please take action right away to help us get ready for the upcoming legislative session!

Whatever you do, make sure you’ve signed your petition, that’s most important.

For Freedom,

David Ball
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. Governor Matt Mead VETOED our bill to do away with deadly ‘Gun Free Zones’ in government buildings in 2017, but his days in office are almost done.

With incoming Governor-Elect Mark Gordon pledging to sign this bill into law, next session will be our best chance of passing this bill in a long time!

Please help us, by signing your petition in support of this bill right away

And then make sure you’ve renewed your membership in WYGO for 2019, we need all hands on deck for this fight

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