WYGO Lawsuit Update: What Happened in the 10th Circuit?

Recently, Wyoming Gun Owners and our legal team had a showdown with the State of Wyoming in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals over the state’s unconstitutional campaign finance laws!

In case you forgot, this stemmed from a bogus complaint WYGO received in 2020 after our members threw almost a dozen RINOs out of office in the August primaries.

Ed Buchanan, the Secretary of State at the time, should have looked at this ‘complaint’ as the political retribution that it so clearly was.

But Ed Buchanan is as RINO as they come. So not only did he not dismiss this complaint, he attacked WYGO with the full power of his office. And he was aided by Attorney General Bridget Hill.

Buchanan and Hill made a simple demand: give us the names of every single member of Wyoming Gun Owners or pay a fine!

We told them to go to hell, paid a $500 fine as a result, and sued them in Federal District Court the very next week.

In February of last year, we won our case!  

But Ed Buchanan’s arrogance is limitless, and he appealed his defeat to the 10th  Circuit Court of Appeals. Honestly, I was happy he did.

You see, WYGO was made immune from this campaign finance law on the orders of the District Court judge. But we wanted the entire law removed, so that everyone in Wyoming could benefit. But that would have required us to appeal our own victory.

Thankfully, Buchanan did that for us…

…which brought us to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver last week.

While we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the courtroom, we do have an audio recording of the oral arguments that our video team has prepared for you.

And as you’ll hear, the State of Wyoming’s lawyer took an absolute a$$ beating from this 3-judge panel!

While no one can guess the outcome of a federal court case, based on the questions and the attitudes of the judges in this case, I would not want to be Ed Buchanan right now!

Listen to the audio file here or below.

Like I said, it was a painful day for the State of Wyoming and their attempts to muzzle the members of Wyoming Gun Owners.

On the other hand, the Institute for Free Speech’s Del Kolde, who is representing WYGO in this matter, did a fantastic job at pointing out the unconstitutionality of this law!   

But this case is not over.

If we lose this case, WYGO may pursue this in the United States Supreme Court. If we win this case, the State of Wyoming may appeal their defeat like they did last time.

That’s why I hope you’ll make a donation to help WYGO in this fight! We have made more progress than anyone thought possible. But this isn’t over until it’s over!


Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us make it this far. If we ever lose our 1st  Amendment right to expose anti-gun RINOs at election time, we’ll lose our 2nd Amendment rights, too!

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners