Will Wyoming’s SAPA Law Protect Us from Biden’s Pistol Brace Ban?

Over the last two weeks, Wyoming Gun Owners has received dozens of calls, texts and emails about the recent ATF decision to reclassify pistol braces as NFA items.

Of course, this is a continuation of Joe Biden’s ongoing attack on law abiding gun owners — this time using Executive Orders to unilaterally create new forms of tyranny.

It’s obvious that Joe Biden is hellbent on weaponizing federal agencies and local law enforcement against every gun owner in America.

To answer all of your questions about this ATF rule, including whether or not the watered down SAPA law that the RINOs here in Cheyenne passed last year will protect gun owners, please watch this video update that we’ve prepared for you.

As you just heard, the SAPA legislation that was passed in 2022 won’t do anything to protect gun owners here in Wyoming.

Sadly, this is not a surprise.

In fact, WYGO warned the legislature about this throughout the 2022 legislative session. The truth is that this bill was passed to protect the careers of politicians, not gun owners like you and me.

If that makes you outraged, you’re not alone. Rep. Mark Jennings, Senator Larry Hicks, and Gun Owners of America’s silly lobbyist did this on purpose, and we’re paying the price!

Tell Jennings, Hicks, and GOA that you want them to fix this before session ends…and before gun owners are being arrested for possessing a pistol brace.

Contact Mark Jennings at: 307-752-6819

Contact Larry Hicks at: 307-380-7010

Contact GOA at: 703-321-8585

When you’re done, please make a donation to Wyoming Gun Owners so that we can continue fighting (and winning) for you in the legislature, in court, and at election time!


Thank you for standing with us in our fight for freedom.

For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners