What’s at Stake…

By now you’ve likely heard about the special deal we are running for the month of July. 

In celebration of the 4th of July — and the freedoms that we enjoy an Americans — Wyoming Gun Owners has put together a special offer for all new or renewed memberships during the month of July!

More about that in a moment. 

First, I wanted to take a moment to let you know the status of the gun rights movement in Wyoming, and why it’s so critical that you get involved in this fight.

As you know, two years ago, thanks to your help, we were able to pass Stand-Your-Ground law through the legislature — even though Gov. Mead refused to sign it at the time!

But I have to be honest, that was a monumental battle inside the Capitol as moderates worked all session long to tank the bill if they could and water it down once it became obvious that they could not stop us.   

This past session, the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as the leadership teams of the House and Senate conspired to kill every single gun bill, including our bill to do away with deadly “Gun Free Zones”.

WYGO members also worked tirelessly to stop the FIX-NICS gun control that was being backed by Republicans in Cheyenne, before session even began. And after all of our hard work, gun owners won, and the bill was pulled the day before session began!

But with the demand for gun control growing every day, our gun rights are in danger in a very real way. 

And make no mistake, these gun grabbers aren’t looking to tinker around the edges, they want to do nothing less than gut the Second Amendment! 

Just some of what they are asking for includes:

>>> A complete ban on any magazine that hold over 10 rounds;

>>> Creation of a total firearms registry here in Wyoming, via their ‘universal background check’ program;

>>> A complete ban on AR-15’s and hundreds of modern firearms;

>>> Passage of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation which allows you to be striped of your firearms in secret, with no chance to defend yourself! 

And these are just the ones being talked about in state legislatures here in Wyoming and across the country.  

Others, including retired Supreme Court Justices, are calling for a complete repeal of the 2nd Amendment in its entirety! 

The real question is, which side will have the momentum as we head into the 2020 election cycle, not to mention the 2021 legislative session?

Will it be the moderates in Cheyenne who constantly work to water down pro-gun bills, or will it be conservatives who want to FIGHT for the Second Amendment? 

Much of that will hinge on WYGO’s ability to continue to expose moderates in the upcoming elections. 

But we need your help to continue running this program.

That’s why we need every gun owner in Wyoming to stand with us now, so that we have the resources we need to run these critical programs!

And like I said above, now is a great time to get involved, because during the month of July, ALL memberships come with a FREE T-Shirt from Wyoming Gun Owners

Your membership packet will include your membership card, FREE T-Shirt, and decal — and we’ll ship the whole thing to you for free. So sign up now!


The 2021 session will be here before we know it. 

The best way for us to continue to expand our gun rights during session, is to expose moderate lawmakers who are trying to pretend they are champions for gun owners when they are anything but. 

Trust me, nothing cools the flames of gun control amongst a group of moderates in Cheyenne like looking around the room and noticing that they lost a few members during the previous election! 

This is how we fight back!

No single lawmaker or political party is going to stop this; you and I have to do it. 

But we need your help to put this program into action. 

So please stand with us now and pick up some free gear at the same time. 

Sign up now!


For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. ‘Pro-gun moderates’ killed every pro-gun bill in Cheyenne last session, giving Bloomberg’s people exactly what they want!  

Next session we know that they are going to likely try to hammer ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation into law — allowing you to lose your guns based on secret court proceedings that you are not even allowed to attend! 

Gun owners need to stand together and fight back; joining Wyoming Gun Owners is a great way to get involved in this fight. 

And if you do so between now and July 31, you get a FREE T-Shirt along with your membership packet! So sign up now