What Stand-Your-Ground Law Will Not Do…

As you’ve likely heard, Wyoming Gun Owners will be making a major push during the 2018 legislative session to advance Stand-Your-Ground law.

This legislation is on the move all over the country right now!

In Missouri, the Missouri Firearms Coalition shepherded this bill into law late last year.

Our sister organization in Iowa, Iowa Gun Owners, passed Stand-Your-Ground law earlier this year -– ending a six- year fight.

In Minnesota, Minnesota Gun Rights is on a tear advancing this legislation and their members are removing legislators who refuse to support it.

And in Ohio, Ohio Gun Owners have told us that they’ll be unveiling Stand-Your-Ground legislation early next year in their state legislature!

Frankly, it’s absurd that a Western state like Wyoming doesn’t already have this law on the books!

In fact, as you can see below, every single state North, South, or West of us already has this law on the books –-even liberal Oregon and Washington State!


It’s high time that Wyoming enact this critical legislation!

As a reminder, Stand-Your-Ground law simply states that if you’re being attacked and in fear for your life, you don’t have to retreat before defending yourself.

Frankly, as any peace officer will tell you, the LAST thing you should be doing when under lethal attack is retreat — as you all but guarantee that you’ll fall and lose the fight.

But we all know the liberal media and anti-gun legislators will spread all manner of lies about the impact of Stand-Your-Ground law.

So below, in no particular order, is a list of things that Stand-Your-Ground law will not do.

>>>  First, Stand-Your-Ground law won’t change the law on when you can use deadly force.

The current use of force laws on the books here in Wyoming already spell out when you can, and can not, use lethal force for self-defense.

This legislation would not change that, it would simply state that if you are legally able to defend yourself, you would not be required to retreat before doing so.

>>>  Second, Stand-Your-Ground law won’t be able to be abused by criminals who harm innocent people and then seek to hide behind this statute.

The bill will specifically state that “a person who is not engaged in illegal activity has not duty to retreat from any place where the person is lawfully present before using defensive force…”

For all you FAKE NEWS reporters who troll our email alerts, make sure you read that section again!

You have to be obeying the law and have to be ‘lawfully present’ where you are before Stand  Your Ground law would apply to you.

Any claim then, that Stand-Your-Ground law could be used to protect criminals, is absurd.

>>>  Third, Stand-Your-Ground law will not result in an increase in unjustifiable homicide.

Anti-gunners love to claim that otherwise responsible and rational gun owners will suddenly become blood-thirsty vigilantes once Stand Your

     Ground law takes effect.

But that’s just patently untrue.

Dozens of states have Stand-Your-Ground law on the books, and no objective analyst has drawn a connection between this law and an increase in unjustified homicide.

But the anti-gun lobby in Cheyenne has never been one to allow the facts to get in the way of their political operations.

And that’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign our petition in support of this critical legislation!

Between the Senate’s virtual blockade of gun bills over the last five years and Governor Mead’s veto of our bill earlier this year, it’s obvious that gun owners need to stand up and be counted.

The legislature needs to remember who they work for, and that’s the message you are sending by signing your petition!

It also reminds them that there are gun owners in their districts back home who are watching to make sure that they vote the right way.

In the coming weeks, we’ll have much more information on this bill, the exact wording, and our chief bill sponsor.

For now, please make sure that you’ve signed your petition!

But I also am counting on your renewed (or initial) membership in Wyoming Gun Owners.

Mobilizing gun owners en masse requires mass emails, targeted social media, robo calls, radio ads and more — and it all adds up.

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I only ask that you act right away. The 2018 session will be here before you know it and we are hard at work making our plans — but we need to know how much ammo we have to work with.

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. As Stand-Your-Ground heats up here in Wyoming, expect a pile of lies and disinformation from the media and anti-gunners about what Stand-Your-Ground law would do.

In the email above, we’ve highlighted three of the most common lies that you are likely to encounter. I hope you’ll read them and then sign your petition in support of this crucial legislation.