What Do You Want Us to Ask Them?

We are just over a week away from the end of the candidate filing window here in Wyoming.

Already, some interesting primary races are shaping up.

Wyoming Gun Owners will be running a very thorough candidate survey program soon after the candidate listing is complete.

The candidate survey is extremely important as it’s the only way that gun owners can know the truth about where a candidate stands on the Second Amendment.

After all, in Wyoming, EVERY candidate running for office claims to be pro-gun — and then goes on to weaken gun bills once in office if not oppose them outright!

That’s why we want to get the candidates on the record, for or against the Second Amendment. That way, if they do betray us down the road, you and I have the ability to hold them accountable.

Our survey is almost complete.

But, as a grassroots organization, we want to know what questions YOU want us to ask the candidates who want to represent you in Cheyenne!

There are a lot of issues facing gun owners right now in Wyoming and across the country, including:

>>> Red Flag Gun Seizures; which would allow a bitter ex to claim you are a danger and have your guns seized via an ex-parte hearing that you are not even present at!

>>> Attempts to Ban AR15’s; which are always a favorite of the anti-gun left, despite the fact that virtually all gun crimes are committed with guns other than the AR15.

>>> Efforts to Disarm Young Americans; lawmakers on both sides of the partisan aisle are already working to advance legislation to take guns away from Americans between the ages of 18-20.

>>> Universal Firearms Registration; the main goal for Michael Bloomberg, as it results in a statewide firearms registry.

But there are other issues going on as well like banning 30 round mags, working to end ‘Gun Free Zones,’ and more.

And that’s why we want to hear from you about the Second Amendment questions that you want us to ask the candidates.

This is your chance to get directly involved in the ongoing fight for gun rights here!

Simply reply to this email with your questions and we will do our best to work them into the survey.

Once the survey is complete, we will be making it available to you electronically, and hope that you will print off copies to give to the candidates in your community.

Remember, if a candidate refuses to sign a simple 9 question survey about where they stand on the Second Amendment, an alarm bell should go off in your mind.

And don’t fall for smooth talking ‘promises’ from candidates, either, in lieu of a signed survey.

Talk is cheap, and if gun owners settle for ‘promises’ then politicians win and we lose — because once they are safely in office, they can betray our rights and we have no ability to hold them accountable.

Don’t forget, Republicans in Florida broke all of their promises when they advanced a massive gun control bill there last session.

Another ‘pro-gun Republican,’ Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin, also broke her promise to support the Second Amendment and vetoed Constitutional Carry just last month.

And ‘pro-gun Republicans’ in Minnesota actually signed on as cosponsors to Bloomberg backed universal firearms registration legislation!

That’s why it’s essential that we get the candidates on the record, and that is why we will be kicking off our candidate survey program shortly.

Please let us know what questions you would like to see in this survey right away!

If you are not yet a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, please join up today!

  For Freedom,

  David Ball

P.S. Talk is cheap, especially during election time as candidates are trying to secure votes at all costs.

Wyoming Gun Owners is about to kick off our candidate survey program, where we will get the candidates on the record for or against our gun rights, so that you can know the facts.

Before we do, we want to hear what questions you would like to see on our candidate survey. Simply reply to this email and we will do our best to incorporate your questions!

And please, get directly involved in this fight by becoming a member of Wyoming Gun Owners TODAY!

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