We’re Down to the Wire on Our Radio Ad Budget!

We’re a week away from the critical August 18th primary, and Wyoming Gun Owners is firing on all cylinders as we work to expose the votes that anti-gun moderates are desperately trying to keep hidden.

To date we’ve been using focused digital ads, our renowned ‘Whiteboard videos,’ massive quantities of targeted emails, and mountains of direct mail to get the word out.

But there are several districts where it’s essential that WYGO sends an even louder message, and that’s why we are writing you today to ask for your help to get our message up on radio! 

While there are over a dozen races that WYGO is actively exposing anti-gun moderates in, two districts stand out.

One is Senate District 6 (East side of Cheyenne towards the NE border,) which features pro-gun champion Senator Anthony Bouchard against hyper-moderate Erin Johnson. Bouchard delivered Stand-Your-Ground law in 2018 and has surveyed 100% pro-gun, while Erin Johnson is refusing to tell gun owners where she stands.

The other is Senate District 24 (Gillette) where notoriously anti-gun Senator Mike Von Flatern is doing everything he can to whitewash the truth about his long career of opposing our gun rights, and sponsoring gun control bills like FIX-NICS!

It is critical that gun owners learn the truth about each of the candidates in these two races — and that’s why I’m emailing you today. 

WYGO has produced this radio ad for SD-6 and this radio ad for SD-24.

And we already have a proposed ad buy with over 125 spots that would run on KGAB (Cheyenne) and KIML (Gillette) over the next week, ensuring that every gun owner in these districts will lean the truth!

But at a total cost of $4,875, I just don’t have the ability to run these radio ads without immediate help from WYGO members! One generous WYGO member from Gillette has already sent in $1,000 to help us with this program, leaving $3,875 remaining.

Can you help us fund a portion of our outstanding balance?

WYGO is deep in the trenches rights now, battling for the future of our right to keep and bear arms. The establishment is trying to stop us. The media is trying to silence us. And Bloomberg’s people want to destroy us.

But if we give up now, and wilt under the pressure that anti-gun moderates are bringing to bear against us, it will be open season on our gun rights in 2021 and beyond.

We need to stand and fight right now!

Some of you have the ability to make one donation and fund the entirety of our remaining radio ad campaign budget. For others, funding 2-3 radio ads may be more appropriate to your circumstances.  

Any donation will be appreciated and put immediately to our radio blitz, I only ask that you make that donation right away!

I will be forced to give a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to our media buyer by the close of business on Thursday.

So please make your most generous donation now!


For Wyoming,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners


P.S. WYGO is working around the clock trying to expose anti-gun moderates in advance of next Tuesday’s primary election using a combination of digital ads, direct mail, and mass email updates with our ‘Whiteboard Videos.’

But it’s critical that we go even further in two districts, to ensure that every gun owner has the facts about the candidates in Senate District 6 and Senate District 24! 

Our radio ads are cut and the ad buy has been set — but we need to raise another $3,875 between now and the end of the day Thursday to be able to fund and run these ads!

We’re down to the wire! WYGO is going ‘all in!’ We need your help and we need it now! Please dig deep and do everything you can to help WYGO get these ads on the air


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