As you head out to the polls today, we wanted to make sure you remembered to only vote for candidates who are willing to FIGHT for the Second Amendment.

While Wyoming has many candidates who claim to be pro-gun on the campaign path, many of them are quick to moderate and just do not fight for gun owners once safely back in office.

That is one of the reasons why Wyoming had not passed a gun bill in years, until this year.

Things are beginning to change, but now is no time for you and I let up on candidates who just talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk.

In short: saying “I’m pro-gun” isn’t enough anymore.

That’s why Wyoming Gun Owners issued our candidate surveys to everyone running for the Wyoming House and Senate — to find out who is pro-gun and who just says that they are.

You can see the results of our survey program by going here.

(Once you are there, you can sort by district and see your candidate’s answers off on the right…if he/she answered.)

All too often, a candidate who refuses to sign a simple 9 question candidate survey is a candidate who is looking to compromise away our rights once in office.

Wyoming is at a pivotal juncture in the fight for gun rights as states all around us continue to weaken their gun laws — or pass blatant gun control bills.

That’s why gun owners can’t give an inch.

We simply have to hold the line.

And that starts today, with you and tens of thousands of other gun owners voting PRO-GUN!

And, if you are not already a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, now is the time!


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. With today being primary election day, we wanted to remind you that Wyoming Gun Owners has been actively working to survey every candidate for legislative office in the state.

You can see the results of our survey program, and how your legislative candidates answered our survey, by going here


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