Video Update: Who is the Pro-Gun Candidate in House District 30?

With the August 21st primary right around the corner, do you know which candidate in House District 30 (Sheridan County) has pledged to fight for gun owners?

Further, do you know which candidate is REFUSING to tell gun owners where she stands on radical gun control?

With so much at stake, WYGO has prepared this short video update for gun owners living in House District 30. Please watch it here.

Now that you have the facts, please help us in the fight for gun rights by doing these three things right away:

First, become a member of Wyoming Gun Owners right away!

Second, make sure that you ‘Like Us’ on our Facebook page, for up to the minute updates!

Third, get the latest about other races by checking out the results of our candidate survey program, here!

There is so much at stake in the fight for the Second Amendment in Cheyenne as we work to end ‘Gun Free Zones,’ that we can’t take anything for granted!

Please take action right away!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Policy Advisor
Wyoming Gun Owners

P.S. To see where the candidates stand on your gun rights in House District 30, watch our video update here.

And if you are not a member of Wyoming Gun Owners, please join up TODAY!  

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