URGENT! Vote on HB137 Coming in Two Hours!

In just a few hours, we’re going to see a vote on HB 137 –- the bill that would repeal “Gun Free Zones” in government buildings.

It’s absolutely vital that you call your Senator right away and insist that he or she support this legislation!

But it’s not enough that they vote for the bill.

We’ve just been informed that an amendment will be offered on the bill that would let every anti-gun city official in the state ignore this law if enacted!

Being sold as local control, it’s local gun control and it would totally undermine the purpose of the bill in the first place.

So your message to your Senator is very simple: Support HB 137 as is, and oppose ALL amendments to this bill.

Understand what’s going on here.

After betraying gun owners last night, the 17 Senators who voted “No” to Campus Carry legislation are betting that they can fool you into thinking that they are still on your side.

They are assuming that you’ll not hear about the sneaky amendment that they intend to run at the last minute, which would gut the impact of this bill.

They are hoping to play gun owners for fools — to make you and me think that ‘they’re still on our side.’

Nothing could be further from the truth if they back the amendment that will be coming up for a vote in just a few hours!

So please, drop what you’re doing and call your Senator immediately and tell them to support HB 137 and oppose any amendments.

Tell them that you’ll consider their vote in favor of this amendment as an anti-gun vote.

To find your Senator’s information, please click here!

Otherwise you can call the Legislative Hotline at 866-996-8683 and they can connect you. But this isn’t as good as talking to them directly.

We’ve come a long ways this session in advancing pro-gun bills.

The Senate — long the enemy of good pro-gun legislation — will either side with gun owners here in Wyoming or with a radical gun control agenda being pushed from outsiders.

This is our chance, call now!

For Freedom,

David Ball

P.S. In just a few hours, the Senate will take up HB 137, legislation that would repeal “Gun Free Zones” from government buildings here in Wyoming.

Remember, late last night the Senate killed Campus Carry legislation. 14 Republican Senators who claim to be pro-gun betrayed you and me in the process.

Now we’ve learned that an anti-gun amendment is about to be filed on HB 137, that is designed to allow any government official who wants to, to disregard this law.

Called ‘local control’ by moderates in the Senate — it would totally gut the impact of this bill.

Please immediately call, email, and Facebook message your Senator and tell him to vote “YES” on HB 137 but to vote “NO” on any amendments.

This is happening first thing this morning, call now!